How to use DIVs instead of Tables (2 Column CSS)

If you’re interested in using DIV tags instead of Tables, here’s how you can easily make a two column setup that looks like tables but uses DIV tags instead. I went ahead and put some inline CSS instead of linking to an external stylesheet. First I’ll show the code, then I’ll show a live example of how it will look by adding some colors, and then In case my text gets all messed up, I will add a screenshot of my HTML and CSS that I used to make the two column table (DIV code with CSS).

Here’s the code I’m using:

<div style="margin:auto;text-align:middle;width:100%;">
<div style="zoom:1;">
<div align="center" style="float:left;width:50%;">left column</div>
<div align="center" style="float:right;width:50%;">right column</div>

Below is an example, followed by a screenshot of the code:

left column div tag with css
right column div tag with css


DIV tags instead of tables

This is the code you can use to make a two column table using DIV tags instead of the Table, TR, TD tags.

How to Collect Debts without all the Frustration

For any commercial business where credit is extended, there is inherent risk involved.  At some point in time, most corporations – or even small businesses – that extend credit to consumers will have to deal with the frustration of bad debt.  The issue is that most of these companies are not in the business of debt recovery services; most do not consider themselves a debt collections agency either.  No, a commercial business is in the business of selling items and extending credit when necessary.  Collection is a whole different realm which actually requires a good deal of expertise.

A Pile of USA Dollar BillsBecause of the frustration and negative emotional impact that go hand in hand with debt recovery services, many creditors show a lack of motivation in going after bad debt.  Really, the underlying thought is that your company has done its part by providing the services or product promised.  It’s reasonable, then, to expect to be repaid in a timely manner.  Dealing with a slow paying debtor, or a dishonest debtor who has no intention of repaying debt, is extremely frustrating.

To further complicate matters, our world has become a far smaller place thanks to the innovation provided by the internet.  There is good and bad to this.  Through the internet, a company has a far wider reach and can increase their sales numbers tremendously.  However, collecting international debt seems to lend further complication to an already frustrating process.  In this instance, the best thing to do is to locate a reputable international collection agency to handle these specific debts.  Be sure to look at the numbers of debts collected by an international collection agency.  Many may try to say they can get the job done, but the proof is in the pudding.  Every country has its own policies and procedures, which means that it really does take a highly skilled – and well connected – international collection agency to be able to negotiate terms for debt collection.  Finding such a company to work with you on debt collection is a far better idea than simply writing off bad debt.

500 and 100 Euro BillsHandling debt collection takes skill and motivation, two things that may be lacking to handle this type of thing in-house.  One thing that will need to change in order for you to attempt to collect debts without the debt recovery services of an outside company is the right frame of mind.  In order to approach this whole scenario differently, it may help to develop the mindset that you are locating lost money, or increasing sales figures by collecting debt.  Establishing a new mindset allows the collector to approach this process in a more professional, less negative way.

Collecting debt is a very real and very important part of running a business.  That does not mean, however, that it is a task that must be handled by the business owner or even by an in-house employee.  The best way to minimize the frustration of dealing with debt still seems to be to enlist the services of a professional company.  By doing this, you hand over this important task to a company whose business IS collecting debts.  In this way, your operations can be “business as usual”.

How to get Free Online Storage

There are two great cloud storage companies right now. Dropbox and SygarSync. They offer free and paid accounts. What they do is back up certain folders online and also you can sync and share them across your computers. On top of that you can share folders with other users and even people that don’t have an account through a special link. Here’s some more details about the services.

Online Storage and Cost:

50GB – $9.99/month or $99.99/year
100GB – $19.99/month or $199.99/year

30GB – $4.99/month or $49.99/year
60GB – $9.99/month or $99.99/year
100GB – $14.99/month or $149.99/year
250GB – $24.99/month or $249.99/year

Referrals and Storage Expansion:

The Dropbox free account starts with 2GB of storage and allows for expansion. The first is a bonus 256MB for completing “tasks” such as installing the program. You have to complete 5 of 7 potential tasks to get your bonus storage. You can also refer friends for 256MB and you’ll both get 256MB added to your accounts and you can do this up to 32 times giving you a maximum of 8GB giving you a possible total of 10.25GB of free storage.  If you’re a student you can convert your account to the student account. The benefit is you’ll get 512MB of storage for every referral instead of 256MB and this gives you a possible 18.25GB of free storage (but the person you refer will only get 256MB extra).

The SugarSync free account starts 5GB and allows for expansion. There are tasks you can complete to gain extra storage, 256mb each time. But referrals are worth more… giving you an extra 512mb of space per referral. You can do this up to 20 times for a maximum of 10GB of bonus storage. This means that it’s possible have 15.5GB of free storage with SugarSync.

SugarSync Mega Bonus! Now this is cool! If you refer a person and they end up purchasing a plan you’ll both get an extra 10GB of free storage added to your account. So if you were to buy the 30GB account and you were referred, you’ll be getting 40GB for $4.99 a month which is half the price of the Dropbox 50GB plan.

Cloud Storage Features:

Dropbox is simple. All files are synced through a Dropbox folder and it can be placed where ever you want on your computer (or you can put it on an external drive). The Dropbox folder contains two folders. One is Public and one is Photos. Anything placed in these folders can be viewed by the public. The Photos folder will create a nice online gallery for viewing. Dropbox also has a Lan Sync feature so if you’re using two computers on the same network (home network for example) it will transfer files over the Lan as it’s updating the cloud instead of uploading then downloading files. SugarSync doesn’t have this yet.

SugarSync let’s you choose what folders you want to sync instead of forcing you to use just one.They also have a Dropbox style folder called the Magic Briefcase that cannot be moved. You can also auto sync your mobile device if you want to. You can also autosync photos from your phone and once you take a photo it’s immediately uploaded to your account and can be viewed on other computers and even the web.

Ease of Use:

Dropbox is very easy. Just install it and you’re ready to go. The iPhone app is simple too. It works on just about any OS.

SugarSync has more features so it takes longer to figure out. But after about 10 minutes you’ll be glad you invested the time. The mobile app isn’t as simple as Dropbox because of subfolders etc, but it’s good. This works on just about any OS too.

So there’s the breakdown. One thing worth noting is you can install and use both services at the same time if you want. Click here to learn more about Dropbox and Click here to learn more about SygarSync.

How To Clean Your Wheels And Keep Them Look New?

Cleaning and maintaining wheels are quite important because your car will not look new if your car body is shiny but the wheels are dirty, old and rusty.

Similar to the car wash tips written, the best way to protect our car’s rims and wheels is by cleaning them on a regular basis. Due to the regular driving the dirt on the road normally get attached to our car wheels and rims and therefore trapping moisture can cause corrosion over a period of time.

The brushes as well as the cleaning agents for washing rims are specifically available in many auto stores. Utilizing the right cleaning agents is really important to maintain the rims.

Car wash and auto detailing picture

For cleaning purpose first of all you need to wet the tire rims with warm water. In case of alloy rims you can utilize a brush with medium to heavy bristles but in case of chrome rims it is better to use a soft sponge and avoid using scouring pads and brushes with hard bristles. You are required to apply a mild detergent to your sponge or brush.

Now wash the rims gently in a circular motion. You can utilize an old toothbrush to clean the tight spaces where brush or sponge cannot reach easily. Once done, you can rinse the tire rims thoroughly with warm water. After that you need to dry the tire rims with a soft cloth or towel. For an excellent shine you can apply a non-caustic wax or polish available at automotive stores.

For cleaning the wheels first of all choose a quality wheel cleaner concentrate which is safe to use. Now spray the wheel cleaner on damp wheels and brush them with a quality non-metal ferrule brush.

Spray the wheel cleaner evenly and let it stand 2 to 3 minutes but if the wheels are heavily soiled you can wait a little longer. Now brush your wheels carefully.

After that you can rinse in and around your wheel thoroughly to remove dirt and excess wheel cleaner. Remember not let the surface dry and you may need to wash it for the second time if the wheels are extremely soiled.

Once done you can wax your wheels by applying a non-abrasive quality wheel coat or wax to your wheels. It will also provide significant protection against brake dust damage.

Last but not least, spend some time to research for good auto detailing supplies for your wheels. Good products are not always the most expensive ones. Read feedbacks and reviews written by users and experts. This is how me and my team get the best car wax for ourself. Enjoy cleaning your wheels and making them shine!

How to Succeed in Running a Retail Store

In today’s fast paced, web savvy society, most people who are interested in opening their own retail shop first consider doing so on the internet. Internet stores are great because they have a far reach and seem to be fairly easy to operate. This is truer, however, when the potential business owner has done their homework. Even an online store may be in need of inventory; of software applications such as Quickbooks Point of Sale. Regardless of whether you are thinking of opening virtual doors or real doors, held together by brick and mortar, having the right equipment is high priority. Even more than that, though, are the essential qualities that are needed in any retail business owner. Some may be more applicable to running a local retail store; but certainly even the online retailer would be more successful with these qualities.

The Pork Store NYCCreativity is a must for the retail business owner, especially when there will be a storefront. It is through creative thought that displays are built; that new products are brought in and that marketing becomes more effective. Put your imagination to work and consider how your store can be styled in order to bring more attention to the items you are selling. How can you arrange the space in order to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers browsing your collections?

All the creativity in the world cannot save a budding retail store, however, without a good dose of organizational skills. Some people who are interested in retail are so because it seems like a fun industry. While this is true, it is essential that a business owner be organized with their time and their equipment. Quickbooks POS is one tool that has come onto the market in recent years. The whole goal of Quickbooks Point of Sale is to allow retail owners to track all necessary transactions. In fact, the Quickbooks POS software is even able to track inventory. It is through simple tools such as this that organization can be maximized and a local retail store can flourish. Combine what creativity you have with the necessary organization and you are well ahead of the pack.

Womens clothing in a retail storeSomething important to remember in any venture is that, even in an industry that is fun, work is involved. It is therefore best to get involved in a retail industry that you are very interested in. If you have more passion for skin care than leather purses, then you can quickly discover that a skin care boutique would be a far better retail niche for you to involve yourself in. Whatever niche you choose, it pays off to immerse yourself in it fully. The owner of that skin care boutique should learn all there is to learn about the different products they offer. Which cream does what and does it the fastest? What specific ingredient in that cream makes it so special? What new products are in development? The more passionate you are about your industry, the easier it will be to learn all about it. The more you know about it, the more successful you will be.

Truth be told, there are a lot of things you will learn along the way as you build your retail shop. Starting out with the right mindset as well as the right equipment, such as Quickbooks pos, you set yourself up to experience the success you have imagined. Remember that it takes hard work and discipline to succeed. Keep a clear vision of your goals and work hard every day to get closer to them.

Tricks Can Make Product Photography Easy

In the advertising industry product photography is an essential part of doing business and there are many professionals with the proper skills and equipment needed to render images of nearly any type of consumer product into an accurate image of the item. However, as more people turn to online auctions or sell their items online, they are looking for ways to present their items in the best possible light.

Although no pun was intended, lighting is the key to producing the best possible product photography with which to represent whatever it is you are selling. Whether it is a product in a colorful box or a piece of glass or jewelry, you have a better chance of selling it with the right image. In most instances, you can produce a professional looking picture with just a little bit of work and a few dollars worth of lighting.

Photography lens close up picture (Large)You don’t need expensive studio lights, but you will need more than one. You can spend a few hours with photo editing software or a few bucks on some extra lights in order to produce the results that will give life to your objects. One light should be on either side of the object at about a 45-degree angle and a third light near the back, but aimed at the top of the product. This will eliminate any shadows and provide brilliance to the top of the item to evenly cast light over the entire product.

For glass objects, serious product photography experts will use under lighting to remove any additional shadows and for clear glass you can use a gradient background. This type of background can be printed on your home computer by selecting a solid color to print and then selecting a gradient fill which will print out as a light color at one end and gradually turning darker as it travels the length of the paper.

This gradient fill used for product photography can be slightly bent behind the object, setting on a piece of glass with a small light under it to maintain all of the details in the glass. This will provide the effect of the item being lifted off the background while maintaining all of the features in sharp detail.

How to setup free CDN to make your WordPress Blog Faster!

CDN stands for “content delivery network” and the purpose of using one is to improve the overall speed of your site by improving your blog performance by decreasing server load and optimizing your website making things load faster. With a faster loading website it can help you achieve a better search engine ranking as well as make your readers happy because most people want to see what they’re looking for RIGHT NOW!

I’m currently using Speedy Mirror one one of my sites. They used to offer a ton of bandwidth (50 GB) at no charge, but now they offer a free 5GB of bandwidth for free and this month I have about 1GB left. Need more? you can join the paid service. I use this in conjunction with the WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache. Instead of write a tutorial on how to set up the CND with the wordpress caching pluign, just visit for step by step instructions and screenshots.

With Speedy Mirror, your content is spontaneously duplicated to our servers, which are based in many different areas around the world. Your users will automatically download from the nearest mirror, so they will experience higher download speeds. Your bandwidth will be precisely calculated and you will pay only for the gigabytes transferred by our network.

Another free option is CloudFlare which is a CDN and I’m now using it for this website. They offer premium paid services as well. Basically all a user has to do is change their name server records and your site should be online even if your server goes offline. You can only modify your name servers settings if you own your own domain name. You will have to switch your name servers to CloudFlare to get their protection and CDN services. Doing a dig or checking whois would reflect CloudFlare’s name servers. I don’t understand why you’d pay for the service yet unless they limit the number of domains you can have in your account. You can see a list of the worldwide servers here, also for sites using Cloudflare it means site loading times should be very quick even if you’re connecting across the world using a VPN. They also have a WordPress plugin.

Cloudflare and W3 Total Cache WordPress Settings

CloudFlare uses a CDN-like infrastructure to deliver the best in performance to your site. The faster page load times will keep your visitors online longer and our caching mechanism will save you CPU and bandwidth resources.

Read about CDN benefits here. And Cloudflare funding: $22 Million +

CDN Server Locations Worldwide International

In the event that your server is unavailable, visitors should still be able to access your site because CloudFlare serves the visitor a page from its cache.

 October 5th Update:

I’ve been using this service for about 10 days now and I’m happy with it. Here are some stats from the control panel. I notice my sites run faster and I have saved some bandwidth.

Cloudflare Stats Free CDN Service

What is Cloudflare? It’s a free CDN! So far 349,899 requests saved by CloudFlare 572,858 total requests. 7.7 GB bandwidth saved by CloudFlare 12.6 GB total bandwidth

Cloudflare CDN Bot and Threat Control Panel

Help prevent hackers and spammers and malicious threats from slamming your site with junk!

How to make Dinuguan (Pork Blood Stew)


  • 1 K of pork belly, cut into small cubes
  • 350 g. of pork liver
  • 400 L of pig’s blood
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 3 chili peppers
  • 1 head of garlic, crushed and minced
  • 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger, minced
  • 3 onions, halved and sliced thinly
  • 1 liter of broth
  • 1 bay leaf
  • salt
  • pepper (optional)
  • 1 tbsp. of cooking oil
Dinuguan Pork Blood Stew

Dinuguan Pork Blood Stew

Refrigerate the pig’s blood until needed. Heat a heavy casserole. Pour in the cooking oil. When the oil starts to smoke, add the garlic and ginger. Saute until brown. Add the pork belly and liver and cook over high heat until the edges of the pork starts to brown. Add the onions, chili peppers, bay leaf and vinegar and continue cooking until the onions are transparent. Season with salt and pepper. Pour in just enough water to cover the pork. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 30-45 minutes or until the pork is very tender. Add more water, a little at a time, if the liquid dries up before the pork is cooked. Meanwhile, minced the liver. Season with a little salt. When the pork is tender and most of the liquid has evaporated, take the pig’s blood out of the refrigerator. Transfer to a clean bowl. With you hands, mash solid masses to a pulp. Pour the mashed blood and the liquid into the casserole. Bring it to a boil. Cook over medium heat, with continuous stirring for 5 minutes. Add the minced liver and cook for another minute or two. Serve the dinuguan hot with steamed rice.

How Do Changed Circumstances Affect Child Support

The parties involved in a case concerning child support must comply with any order issued by the court. Upon the issuance of the order by the judge, the said order is immediately executory. This means that whoever is adjudged liable to pay for the child support must comply with the said obligation right away. When there is a failure to provide for the payment of child support, a particular parent may be held in contempt. Nonetheless, it must be noted that both parents may be held liable for the support depending on the attendant facts and circumstances of each case.

Under our jurisdiction, a child support order may be modified when there are changes in the circumstances. An example of this is when there is an increase in the needs of the child. In such case, the judge may increase the amount of the child support despite the fact that there was no increase in the incomes of the parents. This is one of the instances where the court shows its adherence to the “best interest of the child” rule or principle. Another example wherein the amount for the child support may be increased is when the incomes of the parents have risen and there are certain proofs for its existence.

Child support with changed circumstances

In order to ensure that you will not have a problem in complying with the child support order, keep a close contact with your lawyer.

At the same time, the judge may also decrease the amount of the child support upon showing that the liable parent’s income has declined as long as it is not due to his or her fault. Moreover, it must be noted that the decrease may also be granted despite the fact that the children’s needs have not declined. When there is a change in the residence of either the parent or the child, the modification for the child support may also be granted.

In order to ensure that you will not have a problem in complying with the child support order, keep a close contact with your lawyer. In cases when you encounter legal problems concerning the payment of the child’s needs, make sure that the first thing you will do is to call your attorney. Do not do certain acts that may be prejudicial to your rights and interests.

Always put in mind that you have the responsibility to comply with the child support order that the court may issue. In cases where there are some modifications allowed by the court, you also need to follow whatever changes will be introduced in the new support order. Do not worry because you are allowed, under the law, to present some evidence to oppose any motion for modification of the order.

How to Look and Feel your Best at Work

Sometimes it’s easy to get into a rut in the workplace; just show up and do what you do and then go home.  While this may pay the bills, it doesn’t do much for your overall professional image and thus your success in your career.  Part of experiencing great success in your career is to find what you love and make your living doing something that agrees with that.  Assuming you’ve already taken care of that piece of the puzzle, we’re going to discuss how you can now look and feel your best while climbing that ladder of success.

Today, many offices are more business casual in terms of dress.  This is far more comfortable than having to put on a suit each and every day.  However, it’s important not to take business casual too far.  A good rule of thumb is to find a good balance.  Look around at what management wears.  Look at the person who is in the position you’d like to be in down the line.  How do they show up for work?  Always aim to look and feel professional through well maintained clothing that fits properly.  Even in the business casual environment, this one step will help you to feel great, look professional and stand out.

Business Casual Girl

Accessories are also an important part of looking and feeling great.  Not only accessories such as earrings or bracelets, but also cell phone accessories such as cheap cell phone cases.  First let’s talk about your standard accessories.  At work, simple and understated will go a lot farther than dangling feather earring you might see during a night on the town.  Women should keep professional image in the forefront of their minds when choosing accessories to wear to work.  Because many employees now wear ID badges at the office, lanyards may second as a stylish accessory for both men and women.  Decorative lanyards are very trendy and do wonders for professional image.  They are indeed a very affordable way to feel better about your professional appearance.

When it comes to mobile phone accessories, there is the temptation to bling out your phone or add a cover which exhibits your personality.  Especially if you work directly with clients who will see you talking on your cell, it pays off to look for very professional looking cell phone accessories.  Cell phone leather cases are ideal for the up and coming professional, as they provide protection for your phone while also adding sophisticated style to your professional appearance.  Mobile devices are a part of everyday life, and cell phone accessories make for a fun way to personalize yours.  When choosing which cell phone accessories you’d like, do consider cell phone leather cases for work.   How you accessorize gives you just one more way to stand out amongst your peers.

Business Casual Looking Good and Feeling Good

At work, you want to be comfortable to be yourself; but it’s important to remember that you’re being your professional self at the office.  As such, you want to look and feel your best.  This is relatively easy to do with just a bit of attention to clothing styles and accessories.