How to say hello in different languages

There are thousands of words to express our way of greeting – using different languages! Learning different kinds of greeting in other languages is a must especially if you love traveling. But what are the basic ways to say hello in different Languages?

Let me show you how! Here’s “hello” in 12 languages:

1. On top on my lists is in English- we say it “hello”.
2. Spanish – “Hola”. We pronounced it as Oh- la.
3. Chinese – “Ni- Hao”. We pronounced it as Ni- Hao.
4. French – “Bonjour”. We pronounced N as a nasal vowel, which is produced with a lowering of the velum so that when we say it the air escapes through the nose and mouth.
5. German – “Guten Tag”. We pronounced it as Gootan Tahg.
6. Korean – “Ahn Nyeong Ha Se Yo”. We pronounced it as ahn-yan-ha-say-yo.
7. Russian – “Zdravstvuyte”. We say it Zdra-stvooy-tye.
8. Japanese – “Konichiwa” is used for hello. “Ohayoou Gozaimasu”. We pronounced it as O-ha-yo go-zai-mass, that means “Good Morning.”
9. Italian – “Buon Giorno”. We say it as Bwohn geeornoh.
10. Hebrew – “Shalom”. It’s Shalom ( same meaning as hello, goodbye and peace)
11. Greek  – “Yia Sas”. It is pronounced as Yah- sas.
12. Tagalog – “Kumusta”. We say it Ku-mus-ta. (Same meaning as hello how are you?)

Even though we have many languages with many ways to express our greetings, it’s still  how sincere we say it and show it to who we are talking. Now, you can face different kinds of people (or at least 11-12) and show your respect in greeting them using their languages.

(photo credit: Theoddnote)