How to protect your skin from the sun (5 Tips)

During your next trip to the beach while you’re lounging around on the sand, sunbathing, and swimming in the warm ocean, remember that the sun can be damaging if you don’t take the necessary precautions.

There’s nothing wrong with covering up or taking breaks inside during the Sun’s peak time. Here are some simple precautions to help protect your skin from the pleasant, but possibly harmful sun.

sun bathing getting tan wearing sunblock

sun bathing getting tan wearing sunblock

  1. Sunscreen – You should purchase a sunscreen protection lotion with a high level of Sun Protection Factor (SPF), the higher the SPF the better it can protect you from the harmful effect of sunlight. You must know how to apply the lotion properly, read the label from the bottle, and apply the lotion to the exposed area of your skin. Click here to find the most popular sunscreens available.
  2. Put your sunscreen lotion at least 20-30 minutes before going outdoors to ensure that the lotion work on your skin already. And about your lips, you should also protect it by using a lip balm that offers protection from the sun.
  3. Don’t forget the most sensitive part of your skin like feet, ears, neck and hands. Neglecting them can result in sunburn.
  4. Don’t expose yourself especially during the hottest part of the day from 11am to 3pm. You should get some extra shade. This is when sunbathing can increase the chances of damaging your skin.
  5. Don’t be afraid to cover yourself, wear something that can protect you from the sum. A big round hat will do and a loose long sleeves. Any protection will be good.

Candice Swanepoel in a pink bikini

Even sexy Candice Swanepoel wears proper sunscreen when getting her natural tan poolside.