How to fix connect error with Windows 7 and iTunes

Problem: “Can’t Connect to iTunes Store”

Detailed Problem: After I reinstalled Windows 7 and installed the latest iTunes (version I started getting this error  no matter what internet connection I was using. iTunes would update apps, update my podcast subscriptions, but always just hang there saying it’s loading the iTunes store but eventually fail every time. So I did some searching on the net and here’s the solution that worked for me.


  1. If you have any custom settings in the preferences, take note of these first because they’ll be gone after you follow these instructions. In iTunes you click Edit then click Preferences. (I changed some settings before such as where I store my library. )
  2. Close / Exit iTunes
  3. Find the iTunesPrefs.xml file. You can search your computer to find this, or navigate your way to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes but most likely your AppData folder is hidden, but you can get there by clicking My Computer, C (Local Disk), Users, then your User Name, then in the address bar just click the text area after your username, and type at the end \AppData and hit enter. Then navigate to \Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes
  4. You should see iTunesPrefs.xml in that folder (C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes) so either rename it to iTunesPrefs.xml.backup or you can delete it if you want. I choose to rename the file in case I need to restore to the original one for some reason later on (like if I didn’t write down all of my settings correctly from step 1).
  5. Launch iTunes, follow the setup instructions from iTunes.
  6. Make sure to go into the preferences (Edit > Preferences) and change your settings back to anything custom you had before. For example, I don’t keep my iTunes library in the default location so I had to change the location again because iTunes reset the Preferences to the default settings.