How to survive a zombie attack

Do zombies don’t exist in real life? Probably not… but who knows! Especially after reading about the Zombie College: The Zombie Renaissance. So what if zombies are a part of life? I think my tips would help a lot and could save your life! (Don’t worry, you can think me later). As an avid fan of horror films, here are some tips that I’ve collected from watching zombie movies.

Zombies - they eat people! Watch out!

  1. Enjoy watching as many zombie movies as you want. There are lots of tips to learn from all of them. You’ll never know when zombies will rise from the dead so educate yourself.
  2. When the time comes and zombies are attacking your place at full force, get as much as ammunition as you can. If you don’t have any then it’s time to go shopping at an ammo store… but if everybody is dead then you might have to borrow some items (aka RAID the place!) or get something that you can use to cut them in the head. I prefer a sharp ax.
  3. When using a gun, you should always target the head. If they’re brains dead, they’re dead too. Headshots are the key!
  4. Always perform double tap. Shot them twice, not just once! This will make sure the zombie is really dead. I’ve seen it too many times where a zombie is shot once, plays dead, comes back and eats the guy that shot him. Double tap, double tap!
  5. Some movies show zombies on the prowl during the day, but the majority of them show zombies attacking at night after the sun goes down. Use this to your advantage! Avoid going out after dark, avoid the shadows, and keep quiet during the night.
  6. If you run out of ammo, or if you don’t have anything on hand that can kill them and they’re already near you, run as fast as you can!
  7. Look for a safe place to stay where zombies can’t see or smell you. Once they know where you live they’ll be stalking you, so it’s good to be on the move.
  8. Look for a companion that can help you in your survival, make sure it’s not a zombie or a person already bitten. Having a friend is one of the best things you can do to keep your head straight and survive a zombie attack. It’s always good to have somebody watch your back!
  9. Avoid being bitten by zombie at all costs! This is deadly and will make you one of them. If you do get bit then don’t tell anyone or they might shoot you in the head too. If they see a flesh wound say you ran into something or got bit by a dog. It’s best to keep quiet about your incident, treat your wounds to prolong your life, and then eat your friends after you turn into a zombie.
Zombie Defense Tactics

Hit them in the head!

Good luck, travel safe, and carry a big stick!

(photo credits: laughing squid, dunechaser)