How To Download Music With LimeWire

The first step to downloading music with Limewire is to download the Limewire installation file off of limewire free download and saving the file to your computer.

Once you have your installation file on your computer you can double click on it and it will begin the installation and setup process.

The first window will ask your where you want to install it just leave it how it is and click next. Select a folder to put your downloaded files and then click Install. The program should now be installed and you can see it on the desktop and start menu, so start it up!

Lime Wire Screenshot

When you first open Limewire you will see several tabs at the top such as Search, Downloads, Playlist, etc. The one you want to click on is Search. When you are there you will see a input box on the left where you can type in what you want to search for, try putting in an album or song name, and click the search button.

After waiting a few seconds for search results to come up, look through the results and choose a music file that looks like what you are searching for, and double click on it. You have started the music download and you can check the progress by clicking up on the Download tab.

When you are at the download screen you should see your music file pending download or starting to download. Wait for it to finish – it shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes, and then you will be able to listen to the music. You can even preview the song while it is still downloading.

Now that you music file is downloaded, you can copy it over to your iPod or music listening device using the drag and click method and listen to your music that you downloaded off of Limewire where ever you go!