Remove The Yellow Google AdSense Background

I’ve had problems on websites when I display Google Adsense ads. The problem is a yellow background! Before they show activation and they show up, they will end up with a background. It’s usually yellow if you’re using WordPress. However I’m using their largest ads available on a site but it seems they are filling the gaps right now with smaller images leaving strange yellow backgrounds. Anyway – I found the solution! It’s in your Stylesheet that has a predefined “ins” code.

Here’s the solution I found. And one more.

And here’s how I’m using the custom WordPress CSS to fix it.
Google Adsense Yellow Background and the WordPress Custom Stylesheet Editor

How Small Businesses can Make Money using Twitter

Any small business could use more ways to advertise. You need as much exposure as possible. With the increase in social marketing, it’s only fair that the small businesses get the most out of these services. Here are five ways that your small business can make money with Twitter.

1: Sell products on Twitter

You can use Twitter to tell customers and clients about a sale that you are offering for that particular day or week. This is one of the best money making ideas on twitter if you are a small business. At midnight, send out tweets to your followers. You can say something like, “24 hour sale on buy-one-get-one-free”. You will notice an increase in your traffic to your site. Everyone loves a sale and you reach more people through tweets than sending out individual newsletters to everyone in your address book.

2: Look for leads to help increase your followers on Twitter

Maybe you have a few leads but did you know that you can increase the amount of followers that you have by the thousands? That’s right; Twitter is a great lead generation tool. You can reach many of the younger generation through mobile social marketing. Go to and then enter a few keywords to help describe what you are offering. You can enter complete phrases or stick to one or two words as long as you say what you need to say, people will listen. It doesn’t take long to get the attention you need.

3. Turn followers into potential clients or customers

Offer a product or service that would allow your followers to vote. When they vote, they feel as though they are important and their voice is heard. They vote for something that they like or don’t like. If they like it, they can buy it.

4. Sell products to promote Twitter

I know how can helping Twitter help you? It can help you in many ways. If Twitter is offering something, which it does sometimes offer apps and logo items, you can promote it to all your friends by tweeting. This helps Twitter and keeps your friends and clients in the know. You can create more followers when you become Twitter-friendly.

5: Create a larger client base with customers located everywhere

Remember, Twitter is world wide and that means so is your clients. Whether your business is on wheels are sitting in an extra room in your home, people will come to you if they know how to reach you. There are many possibilities when you use Twitter to reach potential customers all around the world.

Use all five ways to increase your business through Twitter. Start building up your followers by commenting on Twitter every day. If you don’t have a promotion or sale going on, then type something funny or interesting. Tweet about your business and always be positive, never negative. Don’t use Twitter to thrash the competition as this turns followers off. You can change these ways to suit your business but they will get you started and using Twitter on a regular basis. More people, both young and old, are using Twitter to keep in touch and to learn more about what is happening around them and that is how it can benefit you and your business.

About the author: This is a guest post by Sam Baker who writes on the blog gradmoneymatters, a different kind of a personal finance site focusing mostly on how to make more money.