How to create an Unlimited Power Laptop

All you need is this special cable to have unlimited laptop battery power. Plug the one end into your USB slot. Plug the other cable into the power adapter connection. As you use your laptop you’ll be recycling power creating an infinite loop of power so your laptop battery never dies!

Unlimited Power Cable for Laptop Long Battery Life

Of course, this is untested and I predict results yield a 0 percent success rate. Try this at your own risk! However one of the best things about laptops these days is how they are made to hit high power when you need it, but save power when things aren’t in use, and  you can buy bigger batteries to make you computer last longer. My Samsung N140 netbook actually lasts around 8 hours between charges and I bought it when I saw some online sales on computers, laptops, and netbooks. It’s great for traveling. It seems like we’re pushing the limits and some day I’m sure we’ll have longer lasting portables and built in battery backups for our desktops.