How Ancient Civilizations Used Their Armor

The helmets that the members of ancient civilizations wore into battle served a number of purposes. The primary purpose, of course, was to protect the head, and to a lesser extent, the face. The helmets worn by various ancient peoples also served another purpose as well. They were designed to be easily identifiable in battle. In this way, the members of the enemy army could be picked out with ease even in the heat of the battle.

A third reason for wearing helmets during battles with other armies was to intimidate them. By studying authentic Samurai helmets, for example, it is easy to understand that they were used to make their enemies respect, and fear, them. The entire design of these helmets would make even the most war weary warrior stop and take notice of the person wearing it.

Japanese Samurai in Full Armor

Many of these fabled Japanese helmets featured some sort of horns on the front of the helmet. While intimidating to look at, it was even more startling to be faced with them as a weapon. Finely honed of materials that were known to be able to inflict serious, or even fatal, damage to those that were stabbed with them, these horns were feared by the enemies of the Japanese far and wide.

The helmets of the Japanese also featured a full facial mask. This was unusual for an ancient civilization. An advanced design such as this undoubtedly added to the fact that the Japanese reigned superior in most of the battles they fought in ancient times.

Full samurai armor on display at the museum

Ancient civilizations all had their own armor and weaponry. The ancient Roman weapons that are available for collecting today are, much like the helmets of the Samurai, based on historically accurate models from those days of long ago. From the wearable armor of the Romans and Japanese to finely wrought weapons made of the finest steel, you can own a piece of history with an authentic flair.