How to iron clothes

Ironing clothes is hard; honestly, I don’t master using a flat iron. What I’m going to share with you is just the basic steps on how to iron clothes.

  • All you need to have is the flat iron, the iron board, water sprayer and the clothes to iron.
  • Heat your flat iron (there’s an instruction depending on the types of clothes you will iron)
  • Start with the light clothing.
  • Place cloth on top of the iron board and gently rub the flat iron against the cloth.
  • Go on the portion where it is need to put much attention of ironing.
  • T-shirts and small clothing is easy to iron not like the heavy clothes like pants and shorts.
  • Make sure that you go over all the part of the cloth.
  • In case you will need to get more attention to the cloth you are ironing, better spray it with water to flatten it fast. Water makes the cloth smooth and easy to iron.
  • After you go over through the cloth and it’s already flattened, hang it with a plastic hanger and put it directly on a closet.
  • Go through over all the clothes and don’t forget to unplug the flat iron after every use.

Just a reminder, never make your flat iron too hot for it may burn your clothes. There’s also an iron stand where you can place your iron while you are placing the cloth on the iron board. Placing the hot flat iron anywhere can cause damage to you other things and might cause house burning when not used properly.

Iron a shirt in 3 minutes using this master technique!

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