How to remove ICQ from “New Tab” search in Internet Explorer

How do I uninstall the ICQ “New Tab” Search from Internet Explorer 8? It’s easy to remove ICQ from your browser and there are a coupe things you can do. You’ll want to close Internet Explorer before doing this.

1) If it’s still available you can download the uninstaller and remove it using ICQs tool.  The Uninstaller can be downloaded by clicking here or the image below.

click do download from

This is what it looks like when you run the program itself.

This is what happens when you launch the program

2) This method involves editing your registry. Do this at your own risk!

Click the start button > click “run” > in the box enter text “regedit” without quotes. This will launch the registry editor.

Now you need to navigate to this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs

Now right click on “tabs” to bring up the menu > then left click on “modify” > in the “edit string” window replace the text in the “value data” box with the following:

Close the registry editor, launch Internet Explorer, and you should see the original “New Tab” screen instead of the ICQ search. If you need more assistance with ICQ then I recommend checking out their knowledge base and message board.