How to say “waffles” in Spanish

Mexico and South America are the top destinations for American travelers because they’re so close. So if you’re in a Spanish speaking country and you’re in the mood for some good waffles (by the way, let me know if you find a Waffle House, that would be sweet!) it’s easy to order some up.

Waffle House

The amazing great tasting Waffle House!

To say it in Spanish you’ll say waffles, but pronounce it differently and it should sound like wah-flehs or wah-flays depending on how you read my writing. Now that’s the easiest way and almost everybody should understand you.

waffles spanish

Beautiful waffles with some wonderful icre cream!

If you want to get all technical you can use the actual Spanish word for waffles which is gofre and sounds like go-freh or “go-fray“. To take it a step further and order some Belgium waffles you can say waffles de Bélgica or gofres de Bélgica. Saying French toast in Spanish is another story…