How to add more search engines to Google Chrome

Adding, editing, and removing search engines on Google Chrome is easy. I prefer the steps that I saw on the Google site. Here they are:

  1. To start adding searches on Google, simply click the wrench tool on the top right side of the Google browser.
  2. Then click the option tab
  3. Next is clicking the basic tab on the left upper side.
  4. Go to search and click the manage tab choosing google on the option.
  5. On the search engine, click the add bottom.
  6. Then from the bottom of the dialog, there’s a section that needs to be filled out.
  7. The form is asking for a name (name for the search engine), keyword (shortcut word for the search engine) and URL (the website for the search engine that you want to add).

Or you can go to Google search and simply type the words “how to add search engines on Google”. And there it is, you can now follow the instructions stated there.

Fix Youtube running slow on Google Chrome

Youtube runs fine in Firefox and Internet Explorer, but I mainly use Google Chrome (I’m currently using Version 28.0.1500.72 m) and Youtube is running really slow for me. If I pause the video, buffering seemed to pause too. The solution I found was to go into my Youtube account and disable or opt-out of the “HTML5 Trial” by going here I have posted a screenshot below to help you know what to look for.


You can also find more discussion on the Google support forum from other users.

Save PDFs already opened in Google Chrome

When a PDF file is open and viewable in a window or tab, press CTRL + S to save the PDF file. Or you can right-cilck somewhere on the page and then click save as.

I was doing some online research the other day and PDF files kept opening in a new window when I was using Google Chrome. The problem is I wanted to download the PDF files instead of viewing them within the browser. There are no menus in Google Chrome that look similar to Internet Explorer or Firefox, so I thought I’d treat it like a Word document or text file. I clicked CTRL + S and was prompted where to save the PDF file. I found that you can also right click on the window and choose ‘save as’ which works great if the PDF is open in a framed window. Now it all makes sense! I can view the PDF right away and simply save the ones I actually need.

Allow Google Chrome extensions to run in Incognito mode

Google Chrome is pretty cool. The only annoying complaint I have is how RoboForm floats their bar at the bottom of the screen which blocks some info at times when my browser is maximized. I wish they would take a lesson from LastPass and show it at the top in a thin type of bar. Anyway… when I’m in “Incognito” mode (aka super secret stealth mode!) I want a few extensions to run. Here’s how you can get it done.

  1. Go to the Address Bar and type this:
    or… click the wrench icon in the upper right corner > click Tools > click Extensions
  2. Check the box that says “Allow in incognito”
  3. You’re all set!
Allow extensions to run in privacy mode