How to get a Myanmar Visa in Bangkok Thailand

If you’re currently in Thailand and planned to visit Myanmar, you can get your Myanmar Visa in Bangkok. Expect that there would be lots of people in the embassy so it is a good idea if you will be there as early as you can. If you live near Skytrain Station, take the train to either Surasak BTS or Chong Nonsi Station as these are the easiest way to go to the Myanmar embassy. It is open on weekdays from 9 o’clock in the morning till noon but avoid going there during Thai and Burmese holidays.

Also, to avoid some delays, prepare the necessary requirements before going to the embassy and these are your passport and a copy of your passport and 2 colored passport photos. However, you could also get them on the same street where the embassy entrance is on which is about 100 meters down the street. Forms that you need are also available that but you need to pay a small amount about 3 baht. For the photos cost 150 baht and copies are 3 baht. Other requirement that you will need is the copy of your flight itinerary if you want to get your visa on the same to you applied for it, otherwise it’s no necessary.

Map to Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok using the BTS

The price of Myanmar Visa depends on when you are going to pick it up. For same day pick up it will cost you 1260 baht, 1035 baht for the next day, and 810 for two days. Visa pickup will not take long, and you can pick it up whichever day you specified between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.