How to Aerate Wine (Letting Wine Breathe)

Aeration is the best way to make your wine improve taste. An aerated wine has a bigger and different taste than a non aerated wine. Not all wines need to be aerated, for example – light wines and well aged because there’s no effect on the taste once they’ve been aerated.

Two glasses of red wine aerated

Drinking properly aerated red wine in the evning.

Here are 3 steps how to aerate wine:

  1. Aeration by the glass – Most people swirl their glass after pouring a wine. They let the air flow while swirling the wine. The simplest form of aeration on a glass.
  2. Aeration by the bottle – This step is best if you want to aerate the whole bottle wine. Simply remove the wine from the bottle and transfer it on a large glass jar or container and let it sit for at least half an hour depending on your taste and how long of aeration do you want.
  3. Aerator machine – purchase an aerator machine and transfer your wine to the machine, and from there you can directly pour your wine into a glass and it’s already aerated.

Now that you know some simple steps how to aerate your wine, it’s time for you to see the difference!

How to pour the perfect beer

St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner… and everybody is Irish on March 17th! That means green beer, fun parties, and good memories! Did you know that beer is the most consumed alcoholic drink all over the world? There are many types of beer to choose from, from mild to hard kind of beer. They have the Pale Ale, Stout, Mild, Wheat, Lager and Lambic. Whatever kind of beer is served in front of you, it is still best if you can pour it perfectly on your glass.

the perfect beer

The question is how you enjoy drinking your beer? First, let’s pour it make let’s make it perfect.

  1. Choose the best and your favorite beer.
  2. Chilled it.
  3. A beer glass, a mug or just simply a glass.
  4. But it’s better if you can use a chilled or frozen mug too.
  5. Always hold the glass on a 45 degree angle.
  6. Pour the beer slowly with at least 1 inch from the mouth of the glass.
  7. Pouring the beer in a nice and slowly way can give your beer a right amount of foam.
  8. Then sip your beer right away. Enjoys the beer while it’s chilled.