How to Look and Feel your Best at Work

Sometimes it’s easy to get into a rut in the workplace; just show up and do what you do and then go home.  While this may pay the bills, it doesn’t do much for your overall professional image and thus your success in your career.  Part of experiencing great success in your career is to find what you love and make your living doing something that agrees with that.  Assuming you’ve already taken care of that piece of the puzzle, we’re going to discuss how you can now look and feel your best while climbing that ladder of success.

Today, many offices are more business casual in terms of dress.  This is far more comfortable than having to put on a suit each and every day.  However, it’s important not to take business casual too far.  A good rule of thumb is to find a good balance.  Look around at what management wears.  Look at the person who is in the position you’d like to be in down the line.  How do they show up for work?  Always aim to look and feel professional through well maintained clothing that fits properly.  Even in the business casual environment, this one step will help you to feel great, look professional and stand out.

Business Casual Girl

Accessories are also an important part of looking and feeling great.  Not only accessories such as earrings or bracelets, but also cell phone accessories such as cheap cell phone cases.  First let’s talk about your standard accessories.  At work, simple and understated will go a lot farther than dangling feather earring you might see during a night on the town.  Women should keep professional image in the forefront of their minds when choosing accessories to wear to work.  Because many employees now wear ID badges at the office, lanyards may second as a stylish accessory for both men and women.  Decorative lanyards are very trendy and do wonders for professional image.  They are indeed a very affordable way to feel better about your professional appearance.

When it comes to mobile phone accessories, there is the temptation to bling out your phone or add a cover which exhibits your personality.  Especially if you work directly with clients who will see you talking on your cell, it pays off to look for very professional looking cell phone accessories.  Cell phone leather cases are ideal for the up and coming professional, as they provide protection for your phone while also adding sophisticated style to your professional appearance.  Mobile devices are a part of everyday life, and cell phone accessories make for a fun way to personalize yours.  When choosing which cell phone accessories you’d like, do consider cell phone leather cases for work.   How you accessorize gives you just one more way to stand out amongst your peers.

Business Casual Looking Good and Feeling Good

At work, you want to be comfortable to be yourself; but it’s important to remember that you’re being your professional self at the office.  As such, you want to look and feel your best.  This is relatively easy to do with just a bit of attention to clothing styles and accessories.

How to Maximize Efficiency in your Business

Efficiency in operations is high priority in any business environment.  Whether you have a catering business that hosts several parties each month or you run a multi-department healthcare agency, efficiency is one very big key to success.  As a business owner or manager, it is up to you to consistently analyze what’s happening within your workforce and determine if and when improvements need to be made.  Here are a few tips on how to maximize efficiency in the workforce.

Within any company, there may be some tasks that can and should be outsourced, and some which should be handled by in-house employees.  One of the most common tasks performed in companies today is that of ID cards.  In any place of business, you can observe that employees display a badge within an ID holder.  Companies have the opportunity to outsource this task or to handle it within the existing workforce.  What may be needed to craft cards on the premises is a high quality photo ID card system, cards and an ID holder for any new badge printed.

It shouldn’t be assumed that a photo ID card system is a high dollar item that isn’t worth the investment.  There is a wide variety of card printers on the market today, and a photo ID card system is easy to locate.  In order to determine if printing your own cards would be more cost effective and efficient, do some research on a few different photo ID card systems.  Be sure to include costs of all supplies you would also use, such as the plastic cards you would print on, replacement ink cartridges, and ID holders.

Increase business revenue and productivity

If you want to run your office at highest efficiency, look at organizational practices among management and within each department, right down to the very last person.  Many people are not naturally organized.  To make sure your business operates smoothly, it is your job to create and then implement organizational practices that will assist each and every employee to maximize his or her own efficiency.  Collaborate with your management team on how to organize the different departments based on tasks they perform.  Then set out to work with individual departments and employees to organize their personal spaces and daily routines.   For instance, suggest that employees determine specific times of day when they will check email and voicemail.  This single step can save each employee several minutes each day.

Believe it or not, the way your office or offices are laid out has a direct impact on overall performance of your workforce.  Look at where essential office equipment is located.  Is it all in one spot which is easy to get to?  All employees who utilize machines should be able to get to them quickly and easily.  It may be necessary to purchase additional equipment so that departments who utilize a particular machine frequently have ready access at all times.

As well, different employees or departments which interact frequently need to be located near to one another in order to cut down on “travel time”.  Don’t be afraid to tear down cubicles or rearrange desks in order to facilitate easier communication between employees.

While these suggestions seem very basic and simple, they make an enormous impact on the efficiency of an office.

How to Lose Weight without the Gym

All over the world, folks are discovering the benefits of getting fit and healthy. When you consume the right foods in the right amount, and make time to exercise, as well as to relax, you look and feel better. The problem is, there are a lot of people who may not know just how to get started, or how to commit to fitness goals for the long term. Furthermore, there are those who may feel that they live in a region where they can only work out indoors during parts of the year. None of the excuses you may be thinking of should hold you back from looking and feeling your best. Whether you live in California or in Fort Collins real estate in Colorado, you can get your groove on without ever setting foot in a gym.

The first step in getting fit and healthy is to discover the foods that you should include into your diet, and those you should eliminate. This is more difficult for some than for others, and may also be somewhat impacted on where you live. Golden real estate in Colorado may not have access to the same foods as San Diego would have; but every area of the country should have a good amount of fresh vegetables to choose from throughout the year. To make it as easy as possible, get used to the idea of eating fresh foods. The more fresh foods you eat, the better your body will function.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy diet

As an example of eating fresh, you could determine to eat two eggs with a slice or two of turkey ham for breakfast. While it may be tempting to throw this into a sandwich, white bread should be avoided, as should any bread that says “enriched”. The components of white foods cause a spike in blood glucose and thus make it harder to lose weight. For lunch, eat a salad or a healthy meat and vegetable soup – or a combination of both. When choosing soups, choose those that are low in calories and sodium. For dinner, cook up some lean meat and vegetables – fresh, of course. Any of these foods are accessible, whether you live in Fort Collins real estate, Golden real estate or on the Florida Coast.

One last tip on diet is to become a creature of habit. When you plan out a menu and eat the same thing day after day, you don’t have to think about food. Food becomes nothing more than your fuel (what it’s intended to be anyway). Now, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy what you eat; but that food should be put in its rightful place.

Next is exercise! Places like Golden real estate are just as likely to have great outdoor locations to work out as is Fort Collins real estate or any coastal area. Look into outdoor activities such as hiking, running or biking. Getting outside to exercise is fun and also lets you enjoy your surroundings. Obviously, the more beautiful your surroundings, the more you enjoy your exercise time.

Blonde girl moutain biking

Aim for cardio activity at least thirty minutes, three to four times a week. If you’re just getting started, go slow. Walking for thirty to forty five minutes is better than sitting on the couch.

If you live in a place where it may get too cold for you to want to exercise outdoors, like Golden real estate, then look into working out indoors using Wii Fit or some other indoor system. The new programs for home workouts are really able to get you in shape!

By approaching food differently and embracing your local surroundings, it’s quite easy to get in shape without the use of a gym.

How to Plan a Great Florida Vacation

Vacations are a great way to unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life for just a little while. Whether you’re planning a vacation for your whole family, or you’re looking for a romantic getaway for two, Florida provides tons of options for site seeing and fun experiences. Here are a few ways to plan a great Orlando vacation.

First, you want to decide the time of year that you want to visit this sunny state. Obviously, you may not want to plan your trip in the middle of hurricane season. However, since hurricane season spans from June to November, this may be the only time you can get to sneak off with the family. Each summer, thousands upon thousands of people flock to the coastal state; so don’t let a little thing like hurricane season stop you from visiting.

Disney Daily Fireworks Finale

Once you know when you can get to Florida for vacation, you want to figure out where you will stay. There is an immense amount of opportunity when it comes to finding the right lodging. One option you have is to look for a Disney hotel in Orlando. This could be a great option for those traveling with kids, since the little ones pretty much love anything having to do with Disney. With a little searching, you can find just the right Disney hotel in Orlando; there are plenty to choose from. Don’t jump on the very first Disney hotel in Orlando, though. Look for specials or package deals. If you’re planning to visit the famed theme park, you may be able to get a hold of special hotel pricing.

For a whole different feel, you may also check into the Terra Verde resort Orlando. This is not a hotel; it is a community of vacation homes. At Terra Verde resort Orlando, families can decide to stay in Florida villas composed of 4 to 6 bedrooms. Many of the homes in Terra Verde resort Orlando also feature private pools. Additionally, there is a community clubhouse as well as extensive community amenities for families to enjoy. When planning to visit the Disney theme park, this location is only a hop, skip and a jump away. Ok, just a ten minute drive.

Terra Verde resort Kissimmee Florida

Clearly, there are plenty of options. If you look into several, you may be surprised at just how many affordable options are available to you when it comes to lodging. Many people make the assumption that a private vacation rental would be far more costly than a hotel. However, when you take into account that a private home comes with full kitchen, you can see there are ways to save money by stocking the fridge with snacks and basic foods for easy meals.

Once you’re in Florida, your trip is made complete by a good plan of action and safety precautions. Purchase sunscreen to keep on hand for long days spent under the Florida sun. There’s nothing like a sunburn to put a damper on a fun vacation. Determine which sites are most important for you to see while in town and keep to those. At the end of every day, find time to relax by the pool at your hotel or villa rental. This way, you’re more apt to enjoy the busy days you’ll experience.

How to Create Your Own Backyard Oasis

Because life is just busy, it’s easier to spend time at home than to be on the go all the time. More than that, the word “staycation” seems to be here to stay. Instead of setting aside loads of money to get away from it all by leaving town, why not create your very own oasis located right outside your back door? Investing into your own home provides two very beneficial functions: it allows for you to increase the value of your home, and it allows for you to get away from it all on a daily basis! Here, we’ll take a look at ways you can create a backyard oasis without spending a fortune.

There are tons of great elements on the market now to assist you in your endeavor; from faux stone to faux rocks to artificial grass. The options available to you are endless, really. All you have to do is develop your vision of what is most important and then work from there.

Do it yourself backyard oasis

First and foremost, consider how much maintenance you want to be on the hook for. If you live in a very hot area where temperatures soar during the summer months, you may make the most of faux stone and lay down a wonderfully accented hardscape over the majority of your backyard. Or if you like the look of a lush green lawn but don’t want the high water bills, look into high quality artificial turf. This is so popular now that it’s easy to find dealers in your local area.

One you know how much maintenance you want to put into your yard, you can move on to actual design elements. Perhaps you’ve already got a sprawling lawn that you simply never spend time in. If this is the case, then you’re actually closer to your oasis than you might think! Consider what it would take to make your backyard more inviting. Do you need a patio set where you can sit and eat dinner on warm evenings? Would the large grassy area be nicely accented by a large tree in one area or another? Might you like to place a faux stone bench under a large magnolia tree? There are so many options for adding interest; you just have to put your imagination to work.

Beautiful garden style backyard oasis

Gardens are easy to implement and add a good deal of visual interest to a backyard space. Your potential garden could be where you grow all the vegetable and fruits you love to eat, or it could be the place where you showcase your favorite flowers. Flowerbeds provide color and appealing aroma to the backyard oasis. Near where your faux stone bench is located, set up a garden that will relax you with scents of roses or jasmine. Around the borders of your garden, you could place fake rocks of various sizes to offset the greenery. Or, to add a powerful attention getter, forgo the bench and place a faux stone fountain in the center of your fragrant garden.

There are so many ways you can customize your backyard to be just the place you want to retreat to at the end of a long day. Take your time and plan well, and you’ll have a wonderful extension of the style you’ve developed inside your home.

How to measure for new windows and new doors

If you feel that your windows and doors need replacement, then you should keep in mind some of the important tips for proper replacement and installing new doors and windows. To get perfect replacement Exterior Doors and Replacement Windows it is important that you measure the Height, Width, Square and Level of your doors and windows.

To get an estimate for the replacement doors and replacement windows you have to take the basic width and height measurements. Once, you are done with the width and height measurement you can move to measuring the level and square of your doors and windows.

Do you want to know how to get an acceptable measurement of width for replacement doors and replacement windows? You can get an acceptable measurement of width for replacement doors and replacement windows by searching the dimension from the left furthest point stretching to the right furthest point. You have to measure the existing doors and window frames for this measurement.

Replace windows and doors on half timbered house

With the right measurements and calculations you can correctly replace doors and windows on any house including this older half-timbered house.

How to get an acceptable height measurement for the replacement doors and replacement windows?

For this you have to find the lowest bottom point of the existing window or door frame and measure it to the highest point of the same frame. So, measure the existing window and door frames and order for the new doors and windows.

While measuring the width and height for replacement doors and replacement windows always keep in mind that you are taking the measure of the width at first and then move for measuring the height. Why so? Well, when you are placing order for new windows and doors with your measurement you will find the measurement of your doors and windows are appearing as width*height. So, keep care of the following things and go for replacement doors and replacement windows.

How to Choose the Best Life Insurance

If you’re like most people, you probably only have life insurance through your employer. However, if that is the only life insurance you have, you are counting on that single policy to take care of your family if something happens to you. Many people put off purchasing more life insurance because they aren’t sure how to choose the best life insurance for their needs. Finding the right life insurance policy may not be easy, but it is one of the most important things you can do to care for your family’s future.

Reviewing life insurance policy quote

Start by figuring out how much life insurance you actually need. At a minimum, you will need to find a policy that covers costs associated with your death, such as a funeral and burial, as well as doctor or hospital costs that may come as a result of a battle with a long illness. You will also want to cover any taxes that will be levied against your estate, and plan for the day-to-day expenses that your family will need to cover. For most people, the right life insurance policy is five to seven times their annual income. When you decide how to choose the best life insurance, you will want to know exactly how much coverage you need without going overboard.

Once you have figured out how much your policy needs to be worth, you need to figure out how to choose the best life insurance type. Term life insurance is a policy that covers you for a certain number of years- for example, for twenty years or until you turn sixty five. These policies are often less expensive than other policies, and the rate is generally guaranteed during the period you own the policy. However, unlike other forms of life insurance, term life policies don’t gain cash value and they may not be renewed when they expire.

Permanent life insurance covers you for as long as you are alive, as long as you pay your monthly (or annual) premiums. This type of life insurance may have a cash value, also called a “cash surrender value” which allows you to surrender your policy for a portion of the total value of the policy or even take a loan out against the value of the policy. Permanent life insurance comes in “whole life” or “ordinary life” versions, in which premiums remain fixed and must be paid regularly.

Some people prefer “universal” or “adjustable” life insurance policies, which can be purchased and paid for at any time, as long as you follow the rules that the company sets. Variable life insurance allows you to decide how you want to invest the premiums you pay among different types of investments. This means that the total value of your policy will vary, depending on the value of those investments.

As you start looking at different policies, you will want to decide how to choose the best life insurance policy based on the needs of your family. Talking with an insurance agent is a great way to better understand what you need to provide for your family in case something happens to you.

How to setup Notepad++ in an awesome way

I used to be a hardcore UltraEdit user, but come on… $60 for a text editor… without free lifetime upgrades… paying up to $30 for an upgrade? What a rip off! So let me introduce one of the best FREE text editors out there today and it’s called Notepad++ (aka Notepad Plus Plus). Previous versions used to not be so user friendly for me and I decided to dish out the cash for UltraEdit. But today, compared to their older versions, the program has really improved in the most amazing ways! They’ve added plugin support for Spell Check automatically as well as FTP connection possibilities. This is great because I edit server files and wow is it a pain to download a the ‘temp’ file, edit, click to overwrite the server file, click click click click. OMG! So the built in NppFTP plugin is great and resolves my FTP editing headache.

The main problem I’ve had in the past with Notepad++ was getting the spell checker to work. If you’re having problems with this then maybe you’re not installing all the programs that are needed. Yes, I admit it, I did this a year ago when I installed the program. But in reality it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Here’s how.

  1. Install Notepad++
  2. Install ASpell “Full Installer” under “Binaries” (this is what some people forget to do)
  3. Install ASpell in your language under “Precompiled dictionaries” = DONE!

Restart Notepad++ and now everything should be working correctly for your spell checker. Now for the settings, the best site I found that describes every setting option of ‘Notepad Plus Plus’ in detail is this site right here! Check it out if you have questions, it’s totally sweet. Now here are some screen shots of options I changed to turn my basic Notepad++ into Extremely Awesome Notepad++ with an extra +! To edit your Notepad++ preferences you need to go to Settings > Preferences. If the images aren’t good enough, click each one for the full the full screenshot I took.

Notepad++ Default Open Directory

I like to choose the default directory where I will open text files and the default save directory.

Backup Notepad Plus Plus Default Directory

I like to select my default directory to open and save files. I like to setup a backup option and I choose a folder for backups. This way I never lose any changes I made in the past. I select Verbose backup because it's basically unlimited files by backing up the file with filename.txt.DATE_TIMESTAMP.bak

Setting default encoding to UTF-8 instead of ANSI

If you're typing in non-English languages (Let's say... Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc) then you need to use UTF-8 instead of the ANSI setting. There are two ways you can do this. You can make this your default setting or you can choose your encoding on a file by file basis.

Encoding a text file to display foreign languages

But if you have ANSI as your default encoding option because you only work with other languages and characters from time to time, that's not a problem. Here's the simple solution! If you want to display other languages other than English (Thai, Chinese, etc) you can convert an open or existing text file from ANSI to UTF-8 and you'll then be able to insert or type the other languages and characters.

But what about sorting? I often need to sort text in my text editor however it’s not a default option in Notepad++. Here’s how to get that done as well as remove duplicate lines.

Click method: Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager
(Explained in detail method: Go to the menu. Click “Plugins” then click “Plugin Manager” then click “Show Plugin Manager“)
Next, under “Available” look for “TextFX” and check the box, then click “install”. Restart Notepad++ and you’ll now see TextFX in the menu.

After the blood, sweat, and tears from all of this hard work… here’s how to finally sort text in Notepad++. (Make sure to select all text in the actual open text file that you want sorted and modified!)

To only sort text

  1. Click TextFX
  2. Click TextFX Tools
  3. Click +Sort ascending

To sort and remove duplicate lines

  1. Click TextFX
  2. Click TextFX Tools
  3. Click (or make sure it’s already checked) +Sort ascendning
  4. Click to select “+Sort outputs only UNIQUE (at columns) Lines”
    ** This way duplicates will be removed and it’ll be sorted ascending.
    ** Now click “Sort lines case…” whatever option you want.

After you click that “Sort lines case sensitive…” or “Sort lines case insensitive…”  You’ll then sort and remove duplicates in you Notepad Plus Plus open file. Here’s the screenshot of the settings after you have installed the TextFX Plugin.

Sort and Remove Duplicates in Notepad Plus Plus

Step by step instructions how to sort text ascending while removing duplicatates in Notepad++

With your sorted text you’ll should be happy with the results and happiness results in a improved living environment. So thanks for doing your part to improve the world!

How to secure your Facebook

Here’s a quick way to enable secure browsing on Facebook. If you don’t already do this, now is the time! Secure Browsing (https) is an opt-in security feature. When you turn this feature on, your activity on Facebook becomes encrypted, making it harder for anyone else to access your Facebook information without your permission.

To turn on Secure Browsing (https), navigate to your Account Settings page. Click the “Change” link next to Account Security, check the box under “Secure Browsing (https)” and then click the “Save” button.

Facebook Secure Browsing Session

Help protect your account with secure browsing (https). To always view facebook over a secure connection and help prevent hackers from accessing your info over public networks, turn on Secure Browsing now!

You will also see an option to receive emails when a new device accesses your Facebook account. These notifications are called Login Notifications.

When you turn on secure browsing, any other active Facebook web sessions will be terminated. This means that if you are logged into Facebook on another web browser, you will have to re-enter your login information.

Sexy Eva Mendes Campari HD Wallpaper

When things are unsecure, make sure to tie up the loose ends so you're thoroughly protected!

Also remember that if you’re trying to view third party applications (like Zynga Poker) you might get a message saying you need to switch to regular http mode. You will see this error message because the third party app you are trying to access does not support secure browsing (https). If you would like to use this app, simply click “continue.” Facebook will temporary turn off secure browsing (https) while you use the app and automatically turn it back on for you when you are done.

Do you want to know more about secure browsing? Visit the Facebook help page.

How to fix WordPress Updates (FTP Connection Information)

When I upgrade WordPress to a new version (here’s a link to the screenshot) or update WordPress plugins (here’s a link to the screenshot) I’m always asked for my FTP “Connection Information” which gets really annoying. I solved the problem easily, but there are a few other solutions that might work for you that I documented below.

Solution 1: Add FTP Info to wp-config (this worked for me!)

  • FTP into your host.
  • Navigate to your root folder of your domain
  • Edit the wp-config.php file
  • Towards the end of the file (before the ?>) add your FTP info like this (screenshot here):
    /** Lets me update without entering FTP info. */
    define(‘FTP_HOST’, ‘host’);
    define(‘FTP_USER’, ‘user’);
    define(‘FTP_PASS’, ‘pass’);
  • Change host to your FTP hostname. Change user to your FTP Username. Change pass to your FTP Password.
  • Save file, and now it should work.
  • I then physically moved my wp-config.php file up one folder so it can’t be accessed through the web. If you’re worried about wp-config vulnerabilities and wordpress security, then read this codex page to learn about hardening your wordpress installation.

Solution 2: FS_METHOD (this did not work for me unfortunately)

Edit: I already went with Solution 1. But if you want to try this Solution 2, make sure to read ktgeak’s useful comment at the bottom of this post.

Add this into your wp-config.php file towards the end of the file (before the ?>) and then save the file. Then it magically… could… work…

/** Lets me update without entering FTP info. */
define(‘FS_METHOD’, ‘direct’);

I found this solution here but it didn’t work for me – I ran into the problem of files and folders not being able to be created or deleted due to permission issues (Could not delete  /blah/blah/blah/). The easiest way to get around the issue is by turning PHP Safe Mode Off. So I did that but it still didn’t work. The next idea would be to CHMOD all folders and files to 777 but then that’s a real pain to do to plugins and all folders and files for a direct WordPress version upgrade. And I’m hesitant of having everything 777 and lazy to do specific files.

For those that want to know what the FS_METHOD does, here you go (from the editing wp-config wordpress page):

FS_METHOD forces the filesystem method. It should only be “direct”, “ssh”, “ftpext”, or “ftpsockets”. Generally, You should only change this if you are experiencing update problems, If you change it, and it doesnt help change it back/remove it, Under most circumstances, setting it to ‘ftpsockets’ will work if the automatically chosen method does not.

  • (Primary Preference) “direct” forces it to use Direct File I/O requests from within PHP, this is fraught with opening up security issues on poorly configured hosts, This is chosen automatically when appropriate.
  • (Secondary Preference) “ssh2” is to force the usage of the SSH PHP Extension if installed
  • (3rd Preference) “ftpext” is to force the usage of the FTP PHP Extension for FTP Access, and finally
  • (4th Preference) “ftpsockets” utilises the PHP Sockets Class for FTP Access.

Solution 2: Run wordpress as same user as apache user (I did not try this)

Seems very possible after speaking with my web hosting company! Read about this solution here.

Many hosting companies will run your apache instance using your user account, and all of your files will be owned by the same account. In those cases, you will probably not have the issue described here.

If your hosting company is running apache as a system user, and your files are owned by your own account, your only option may be to enter your FTP credentials here and allow WordPress to use FTP.

I spoke with my hosting company and they suggested I should consider using them to upgrade blogs for me using their scripts instead of doing this via an automatic update via the admin page. I’ll probably end up doing this since it’s a managed hosting solution anyway and then I won’t have to worry about updates.

They then said if I still want to do the upgrade from the admin page, they  can change the ownership of all the files from the current one to the apache user. But adding new plugins manually or installing new domains and wordpress installs, sounds like a lot of work to have them change the file ownership all the time.

If you have a better solution to this problem please post it in the comments section.