How to tie a scarf

A beautiful colored scarf can be a great help in making your wardrobe glamorous even if it’s plain in color. Wearing a scarf can make you look good and fashionable. There are many available these days in a variety of fabric, colors, and name brands (like Louis Vuitton).

A scarf that's beautifully tied

Learning different styles of tying a scarf is a great advantage especially if you are very fashionable.

Here’s a great way to tie a scarf, it’s easier to do when compared to tying a tie.:

  1. Choose the best or appropriate color of scar for your dress.
  2. Fold your scarf diagonal /or twist each sides.
  3. Hang the scarf in the middle of your neck.
  4. Allow each end pass through the loop, just like tying both ends like a knot.
  5. Hold both ends and let it reach the color of your blouse.
  6. Grab each loop ends.
  7. Loosen or tighten as necessary depending on how tight or loosen you want it.

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