12 thoughts on “How to sync iPhone/iPod with Google Calendar

  1. I have a similar problem. I set this up with Microsoft exchange a few weeks ago, but it is no longer syncing and I have no idea why not. And, when it was syncing it was only sending stuff from my Google calendar to my ipod Touch. Nothing was traveling from my Touch to Google. I 1) need help trouble shooting this, and 2) need a way for it to treat my Touch as the primary calendar. If there are discrepancies, I need it to resolve them in favor of my Touch. I keep my Touch with me to make appointments, and want to use my desktop Google Calendar as a backup. HELP!

    • Did it sync before, and for how long? Are you using the latest OS from Apple? Are you syncing to your Gmail Calendar, or the calendar from Google Apps for Domains? One option would be to remove your calendar settings and set it up again (which you’ve probably done). Or you could backup your iPod Touch and restore it through iTunes and set up your Calendar again.

  2. I have an ipod touch and have setup an exchange account to sync ipod cal with google cal.

    I only want certian entries from ipod to sync with google. no problems yet.

    then I kept getting “log into exchange msg”.. I deleted exchange account.. now all entries I had synced with google are gone on ipod and Google…. ?????

    I have tried to restore ipod from backup.. no cal entries recovered..

    any ideas beside rebuilding


  3. Does this work with Google Apps? My school e-mail is running through the Gmail service and I cannot get my e-mial or calendar set-up?

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  5. Hi – I have the same situation as felid81 – already getting my Outlook calendar and contacts from work brought in via microsoft exchange and owuld like to be able to overlay my personal calendar in Google, but it says it only allows one exchange active sync at a time.

  6. This sounds great but I already have a microsoft exchange account that I’m using and the ipod touch says I can only have one set up at a time. any suggestions on what to do?

  7. Great explanation! It works. It’s weird to have to configure a Google service in Apple iPod as a Microsoft Exchange service, but it works – and easily too… Thanks very much.

  8. I have a Itouch(firmware 2.2). I followed all steps but the SYNC bottom doen’t appear for me. What wrong am I doing? Thanks

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