How to setup free CDN to make your WordPress Blog Faster!

CDN stands for “content delivery network” and the purpose of using one is to improve the overall speed of your site by improving your blog performance by decreasing server load and optimizing your website making things load faster. With a faster loading website it can help you achieve a better search engine ranking as well as make your readers happy because most people want to see what they’re looking for RIGHT NOW!

I’m currently using Speedy Mirror one one of my sites. They used to offer a ton of bandwidth (50 GB) at no charge, but now they offer a free 5GB of bandwidth for free and this month I have about 1GB left. Need more? you can join the paid service. I use this in conjunction with the WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache. Instead of write a tutorial on how to set up the CND with the wordpress caching pluign, just visit for step by step instructions and screenshots.

With Speedy Mirror, your content is spontaneously duplicated to our servers, which are based in many different areas around the world. Your users will automatically download from the nearest mirror, so they will experience higher download speeds. Your bandwidth will be precisely calculated and you will pay only for the gigabytes transferred by our network.

Another free option is CloudFlare which is a CDN and I’m now using it for this website. They offer premium paid services as well. Basically all a user has to do is change their name server records and your site should be online even if your server goes offline. You can only modify your name servers settings if you own your own domain name. You will have to switch your name servers to CloudFlare to get their protection and CDN services. Doing a dig or checking whois would reflect CloudFlare’s name servers. I don’t understand why you’d pay for the service yet unless they limit the number of domains you can have in your account. You can see a list of the worldwide servers here, also for sites using Cloudflare it means site loading times should be very quick even if you’re connecting across the world using a VPN. They also have a WordPress plugin.

Cloudflare and W3 Total Cache WordPress Settings

CloudFlare uses a CDN-like infrastructure to deliver the best in performance to your site. The faster page load times will keep your visitors online longer and our caching mechanism will save you CPU and bandwidth resources.

Read about CDN benefits here. And Cloudflare funding: $22 Million +

CDN Server Locations Worldwide International

In the event that your server is unavailable, visitors should still be able to access your site because CloudFlare serves the visitor a page from its cache.

 October 5th Update:

I’ve been using this service for about 10 days now and I’m happy with it. Here are some stats from the control panel. I notice my sites run faster and I have saved some bandwidth.

Cloudflare Stats Free CDN Service

What is Cloudflare? It’s a free CDN! So far 349,899 requests saved by CloudFlare 572,858 total requests. 7.7 GB bandwidth saved by CloudFlare 12.6 GB total bandwidth

Cloudflare CDN Bot and Threat Control Panel

Help prevent hackers and spammers and malicious threats from slamming your site with junk!

2 thoughts on “How to setup free CDN to make your WordPress Blog Faster!

  1. I contacted CloudFlare and asked them a few questions. Here are the responses from support (they answered quickly by the way).

    Question: Is it possible to list both your DNS and my host DNS? This way I’d have 4 nameservers instead of 2 listed.

    Answer: In order to use CloudFlare’s services at this time you’d only be able to list CloudFlare’s 2 name servers that are provided during the setup process. Adding or leaving other name servers can cause potential routing issues and other site stability issues so we strongly discourage doing that.

    And some questions with immediate answers below my questions:

    1 – How many domains can I add to the version?
    You can as many domains as you’d like on all levels of accounts. There’s no limit, but the web page does begin to become quite slow to use above 50 domains. We will be doing a front-end redesign that will accommodate large numbers of domains in the near future so this is only a temporary issue.

    2 – How much bandwidth is allowed on the free version?
    We don’t have any limits on bandwidth that you can use on either account level. That being said, we do not allow sites to use us just as a file storage/locker service though. We must be serving your websites HTML content in addition to other page resources. Please see our list of file extensions that we cache —

    3 – Can I use this for .htaccess password protected member areas?
    We wouldn’t interact or limit how you use your .htaccess file at all so you’d definitely be able to password protect areas.

    • Another quick update regarding speed determination: “CloudFlare visits the homepage of your site from four locations around the world from shared hosting. We do the same request twice: once through the CloudFlare system, and once directly to your site, so bypassing the CloudFlare system. We report both page load times here.” and by here, they mean the Dashboard.

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