How to fix BCMLogon.dll error

I thought I’d post about the BCMLogon.dll problem I had with my computer in case other people run into the same error. I had this BCMLogon.dll issue with my Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop. Apparently it has something to do with the wireless card. I don’t know what happened to create the error and I don’t remember changing any settings recently. Here’s the error my computer gave me:

A recently installed program has disabled the Welcome screen and Fast User Switching. To restore these features, you must uninstall the program. The following file name might help you identify the program that made the change: C:\WINDOWS\system32\BCMLogon.dll

I tried but I wasn’t able to switch to the logon screen. I couldn’t access the Internet either no matter what I tried. I had to go to another PC to figure out a solution to this BCMLogon.dll issue.

Here is a Dell specific solution to this problem that does not involve registry editing.

Something else you can try… In the Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility > Wireless Networks [Tab] > Edit [Button] > Options [Tab]: Under “Windows domain logon settings”, selecting “Authenticate prior to Windows domain logon” [checkbox] will generate the BCMLogon.dll error. Deselecting it, in my situation, eliminated this error.

That didn’t work for me. Here’s what I had to do in order to resolve the BCMLogon.dll headache and get my computer back up and running. If you follow the steps I provide, you’re going to be editing your registry so do this at your own risk! I highly recommend that you back up your registry before making any changes!

Update: There are two solutions that other people with this problem have shared in the comments section. It seems much easier than what I did so I’ll share them first.

Here’s a solution shared by Pdunn56:

  1. To restore the fast user switching:
  2. Go into the Windows control panel. Choose the ‘wireless configuration utility’
  3. Uncheck the first box that says “Let this tool manager your wireless networks”
  4. Hit okay.
  5. I’m not sure if you need to reboot or not, but that should be it.

The solution that annnnnnnnnnt shared sounds a bit confusing, but if it makes sense to you then go for it. Here’s the solution which I’ll directly quote: all you had to do is in “run” type “msconfig” temporarily disable your wireless card”¦ restart/reboot, enable the “Fast User Switching Feature”, restart/reboot, re-enable your wireless (msconfig) resart/reboot. Done

I hope that works. If not you should check out my solution below. If you have another solution not posted please leave a comment and share what you’ve done.

First step is to back up your registry. I’m using Windows XP so I did it this way

  1. Click Start, click Run, type %SystemRoot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe, and then click OK
  2. On the Welcome to System Restore page, click Create a restore point, and then click Next
  3. On the Create a Restore Point page, type a name for the restore point and then click Create
  4. After the restore point has been created, click Close

If System Restore is turned off, you receive a message that asks whether you want to turn on System Restore now. Click Yes. Then, in the System Properties dialog box, click to clear the Turn off System Restore check box, click OK, and then repeat this step.

Click this to visit and read about backing up your registry if using Windows XP or Vista.

Once you’ve backed up your registry it’s time to restore the Welcome Screen and Fast User Switching. To do this you will need to reset the GinaDLL entry which can be doing using these steps:

  1. Click the Start Button, click Run, then type REGEDIT and hit enter. This will bring up your registry.
  2. Navigate to the Winlogon key. It’s located down the registry tree here:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon
  3. For an extra safety step you should backup the key by selecting it followed by clicking FILE and EXPORT
  4. You’ll see two window panes in the registry. The left side you have Winlogon selected. In the right pane you’ll see GinaDLL. Right-click GinaDLL and then click Delete. (You need to remove the whole value, not just its Value Data)
  5. Close the Registry Editor

You could always upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Windows!

Your problem should be fixed now! If you see no difference you could reboot and then it should be good to go. You can read more about this at the Microsoft Knowledge Base under How To Use the Fast User Switching Feature in Windows XP

13 thoughts on “How to fix BCMLogon.dll error

  1. When i try to start XP, its seems like opening, but just after the windows XP motion, appear “C:/WINDOWS/System32/BCMLogon.dll”, i cant have access to any user or buttons on my keybord, pc is freezed, any help plese ?


  2. HELP!! I can’t find that box to uncheck anywhere and can’t get rid of that bcmlogon message.. i am not even using wireless.. i was but now am just using regular highspeed.. i have disabled my wireless connection.. please anyone, help me fix this…

  3. Can not find the edit option on dell wireless untility to clear the BCMLOGON.dll error. My laptop has windows xp and was made in 2006. I have a plugin Dell wireless card.

  4. Nothing I’ve tried on the net has worked for my friend’s laptop. She’s on Vista 32bit and there is no Wireless Configuration Utility in Control Panel. There is a Dell Wireless Configuration Utility, but it has none of the options that people mention here. There is no ‘Wireless Networks’ panel, or edit or anything really. I’ve tried uninstalling the dell utility but it just uninstalled the Broadcom driver as well and made the wireless unusable altogether. I had to download it on another PC and put it on via USB thumb drive. There is no GinaDLL anything in the registry either. Totally stuck on this (it’s an Inspiron 1525).

    • Nathan: In the Dell Wireless Configuration Utility there is a checkbox called ‘Let this tool manage your wireless networks’. Uncheck it, this will automatically pass control of your wireless network back to windows.

      With this unchecked you can make your change to the Welcome Screen & Fast User Switching options. You can then run the Dell Wireless Utility manually from the Program Menu & retick the checkbox

  5. The fix for the BCMLogon.DLL problem is easy to fix, just follow what Pdunn56 says, which is – Here’s a solution shared by Pdunn56:

    To restore the fast user switching:
    Go into the Windows control panel. Choose the ‘wireless configuration utility’
    Uncheck the first box that says “Let this tool manager your wireless networks”
    Hit okay.

    Probably no need to re-boot but do it anyway.

  6. I was getting the BCMLogon.dll failed to load error on bootup and was not able to get into the machine to try any of these fixes, even tried safe mode options. I had seen another fix on another site that said to simply rename the file c:\winnt\system32\ssogina.dll to ssogina.old. I used a usb boot up flash drive and went to a dos prompt to rename the file and the problem was resolved.

  7. Can anyone tell me when the message “C:/WINDOWS/systems32BCMLongon.dlll” and asking to replace or restore DLL. My keys are frozen and the only thing I am able to do is click “Restart” Can any one suggest what to do?

  8. I just fixed this problem on my son’s computer. The condition occurred after we added a new network access point while on vacation. This network was listed before our regular home access (which may or may not be significant). When we got home I removed the new network access from Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility because we didn’t need it any more. The logon/logoff screens were immediately restored to the prior state with the welcome screen and user switching. I think this worked because the access probably had the Authenticate prior to Windows Login tag checked on the properties for the network within the Dell Wireless utility. I don’t know for sure because I deleted the access before I examined the check box (unchecked) for our home network.

    To view and adjust these settings

    1. Right click on the system tray symbol for Dell Wireless WLAN Card Utility and select Open Utility, or open the utility from start menu.

    2. On Wireless Networks tab select network and click edit.

    3. On the options tab uncheck or view the Authenticate prior to Windows domain logon.

  9. Tried the two shorter fixes with no success. Going through the registry and removing GinaDLL did the trick. Got my original login page back. I was hoping it would help with another problem I’ve been having since around the same time, but it didn’t. Instead of automatically connecting to available networks (including my own),everytime I log on I have to open “View Available Wireless Networks”, go to Change Advanced Settings and reclick the “Use Windows to Configure…” box. It won’t stay clicked. Any suggestions?

  10. This worked on my Lenovo 3000 N200 running Xp Home. However, it made my currant password-protected Administrative User disappear. It did save my documents in the Documents and Settings folder, and probably the profile was saved somewhere.

    I’m glad to have found this solution. I don’t know why Lenovo and other mfgs. want to deny users Fast User Switching.

  11. what worked for me to restore the fast user switching was simply go to windows control panel (I’m on Win XP home edition on Dell laptop inspiron 2200 ), choose “wireless configuration utility” then uncheck the first box which says “let this tool manage your wireless networks.” I had no need to disable my wireless card nor edit my registry. Hope this helps someone.

  12. Wrong, all you had to do is in “run” type “msconfig” temporarily disable your wireless card… restart/reboot, enable the “Fast User Switching Feature”, restart/reboot, re-enable your wireless (msconfig) resart/reboot. Done

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