How to Create a Great Business Card (10 Tips)

A business card is not just information, many times it’s a part of yourself and represents your company. Here are some tips to making a great business card.

  1. Choose stationary that fits the theme of your business.
  2. Select the appropriate design on your business card.
  3. Add an image to your card.
  4. Make your business card memorable and not boring.
  5. Don’t put all your business information on your card, it may be too crowded and it won’t look like a business card. Make the information short, simple but meaningful.
  6. Make sure that the print of your business last long or better yet make it water proof.
  7. Keep your business card from errors especially the contact numbers.
  8. Make at least a hundred copy of your business card. To make you card last long.
  9. Put some magnet if possible on your business so it will be placed on the ref, pc or anyplace where they can hang you business card.
  10. Make sure that you name is highlighted on your business card just like your business name.

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