How to buy cheap domain names

The easiest way to buy cheap domain names is to tell your current domain registrar that you’re thinking of transferring your domains to a less expensive registrar and ask if you can have a discount on future domain orders and renewals. This has worked for me with two registrars. One of my favorites has been NameCheap. They offer inexpensive domains, and if you have over a certain number of domains they will give you a discount coupon you can always use. Also they offer free ‘whois privacy’ for the first year. I’m renewing some whois and some domains, here’s the discount I’m seeing during my checkout screen. Before signing up you can always ask the new registrar if they offer discount for bulk domain owners.

Namecheap Discount Coupon Code Active

You can see I'm saving almost 9% on my domain renewal and 65% on whois privacy renewal!

Things to watch out for when registering domains anywhere:

  • If there’s a discount price, be careful because that’s the first year only! The second year the renewal fee is a much higher rate. For example many places offer a domain for $1.99 or $2.99 for 1 year registering a domain or a .US domain or similar, but the renewal price might be $10 (or more or less). So check into that.
  • Whois Privacy – Sometimes offered free for the first year, but after that there’s a renewal fee. Make sure you know what the fees are for the following years before purchasing, this way you’re not going to end up with a surprise bill! Places like GoDaddy charge insane rates for whois privacy, and with my coupon I can get my first year free and renewals for $0.99 per year with Namecheap.
  • Make sure your registrar is large enough that you feel confident registering domains with them.


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