Google Chrome stuck on ‘Downloading proxy script’ solution

Sometimes pages don’t load for me in Google Chrome. Other times a window or tab will be stuck at “Downloading proxy script” for up to 30 seconds before the website loads. After searching around I found the solution that Erik shared.

Try this: (

If Google Chrome seems to take a long time to load a website or search, it may be configured to acccess pages through a web proxy. Check whether the “Resolving proxy” message appears in the lower-left corner of the browser window.

Follow these steps to change your proxy setting (for Windows):

Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
Select Settings.
Click Show advanced settings.
In the “Network” section, click Change proxy settings. This will open the Internet Properties dialog.
Click LAN settings .
Deselect the “Automatically detect settings” checkbox.

If you’re using Internet Explorer you can also change the settings by doing this:
IE menu -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan Settings
Deselect the “Automatically detect settings” checkbox.

Here’s an image of the settings page.

Here’s an image of the Google Chrome screen while waiting to load the proxy script.

One thought on “Google Chrome stuck on ‘Downloading proxy script’ solution

  1. Is it possible that a router-based malware attack could be intercepting this proxy detection and causing it to go through a malicious proxy?

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