How to Combine the Holidays to Make New Traditions

Christmas time is the most popular time to exchange holiday cards. They provide a way for people to share the joy and excitement of the season with one another. In many cases, people also use this occasion to provide a yearly update on their families and lives.

Holiday Cards

Including an update on the family has become almost a tradition in many households across the nation when sending cards for the holidays. With people finding themselves busier and busier with school, work, and family activities, it has become more difficult to keep loved ones abreast of the latest happenings in the family. The annual holiday newsletter makes it easy to share with others about the important events in the family’s lives.

Photo holiday cards give people the opportunity to really personalize the entire experience for everyone on their card list. In many cases, these annual holiday photos might be the only ones that are seen by far flung relatives and friends. This makes this type of cards for the holidays particularly touching and special since they are only seen once a year.

There continues to be a diversity that is seen in the world today, especially when it comes to the holidays. Many people celebrate Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, as well as Christmas. By taking the important elements that are meaningful to them and combining them with their favorite traditions, it is easy for people to create new traditions that reflect the diversity that is so often found within families today.

For example, it is not unusual to see bar mitzvah invitations that also have an element of Christmas on them. This allows the boy who is celebrating his mar mitzvah to also embrace Christmas in a way that is fun and tasteful. When it comes to celebrating, most people feel like you can’t have too many holidays.

If the boy who is celebrating his bar mitzvah is of a more serious nature, he can still have his bar mitzvah invitations reflect his serious side as well as other holidays. By using religious symbols such as stars, on the invitations, they can be personal and still reflect those things he considers important. When he intersperses other religious symbols, however, he also allows his playful nature to emerge as well.

Bow Tie and Suit

For that special person who is having their first bar mitzvah around the Christmas holidays, there are a number of different ways to incorporate both holidays into the invitations that he sends to the family and friends that he wants to share his special day with. From using a combination of different symbols that represent the different holidays to using Christmas colors with a traditional Jewish verse, the possibilities are endless. They are bound only by his imagination and style.

Because his bar mitzvah is a special occasion that only comes once in a lifetime, it is important to allow him a certain amount of freedom and flexibility when choosing his invitations. These invitations will become a treasured keepsake of this special time in his life.

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