How to Buy a Snowboard

Buying a snowboard might not be the easiest task. You’ll need to know the style you ride, your skill level, and consider the price.

There are many kinds of snowboards. Research the types available. The common types of snowboards are signature series board, freeride boards, park boards, pipe boards, kids boards and boarder cross boards. Here are some things to consider when you start looking for your board.

  1. Your weight, height, foot size and riding style must match to the snowboard that you are going to buy.
  2. You must be familiar with your moves in using a snowboard for it is the best thing that you will use to determine the right snowboard for you.
  3. Consider the height of the board, the width, the stiffness and the shape of the board you’ll buying.

Snowboarding Riding a Snow Board

Three main categories of riding style:

  1. Carve or Alpine Style – it’s the transitioning from one turn to another. Hard carving and the speed. A pull of speed and deep turn. When doing carve or alpine style, expert snowboarders choose a carving boards. While for beginners they use, narrow width and stiffer flex are considered. Crowd recognized who do Carve or alpine style. They are using their snowboards like no other.
  2. Freeride style – this is where snowboarder use all the space in the mountain. Enjoying the air, carving and all the riding aspects. It is where most snowboarder enjoys all the things that they can do with the snow. The feeling of being free riding and experiencing the snow. It is where you can do all the stunts that you ever imagine in your life. A free style movement that you will enjoy like high jump, sliding a snow, getting on to the slopes etc.
  3. Technical riding or freestyle – it is best done with beginners. They usually stays on the half pipe and doing jumps, rail sliding, trick riding, grabs, tearing up, jibbing and spins. A well known ride for your snowboarders. They do rides like on the bike ride such as, in-line skater, BMX, skateboarder and other various action sports.

Snowboard Jumping

Now that you know the basics in choosing the right and the best snowboard for you, it’s still you who can decide for yourself. Just follow what you need and what you desire to have and then you’ll have a happy snowboarding experience.