How to Choose the Best Life Insurance

If you’re like most people, you probably only have life insurance through your employer. However, if that is the only life insurance you have, you are counting on that single policy to take care of your family if something happens to you. Many people put off purchasing more life insurance because they aren’t sure how to choose the best life insurance for their needs. Finding the right life insurance policy may not be easy, but it is one of the most important things you can do to care for your family’s future.

Reviewing life insurance policy quote

Start by figuring out how much life insurance you actually need. At a minimum, you will need to find a policy that covers costs associated with your death, such as a funeral and burial, as well as doctor or hospital costs that may come as a result of a battle with a long illness. You will also want to cover any taxes that will be levied against your estate, and plan for the day-to-day expenses that your family will need to cover. For most people, the right life insurance policy is five to seven times their annual income. When you decide how to choose the best life insurance, you will want to know exactly how much coverage you need without going overboard.

Once you have figured out how much your policy needs to be worth, you need to figure out how to choose the best life insurance type. Term life insurance is a policy that covers you for a certain number of years- for example, for twenty years or until you turn sixty five. These policies are often less expensive than other policies, and the rate is generally guaranteed during the period you own the policy. However, unlike other forms of life insurance, term life policies don’t gain cash value and they may not be renewed when they expire.

Permanent life insurance covers you for as long as you are alive, as long as you pay your monthly (or annual) premiums. This type of life insurance may have a cash value, also called a “cash surrender value” which allows you to surrender your policy for a portion of the total value of the policy or even take a loan out against the value of the policy. Permanent life insurance comes in “whole life” or “ordinary life” versions, in which premiums remain fixed and must be paid regularly.

Some people prefer “universal” or “adjustable” life insurance policies, which can be purchased and paid for at any time, as long as you follow the rules that the company sets. Variable life insurance allows you to decide how you want to invest the premiums you pay among different types of investments. This means that the total value of your policy will vary, depending on the value of those investments.

As you start looking at different policies, you will want to decide how to choose the best life insurance policy based on the needs of your family. Talking with an insurance agent is a great way to better understand what you need to provide for your family in case something happens to you.

How to get an Online College Degree

When the job market gets tougher, it’s a good idea to come to an interview with some ammunition… in steps the college degree! Sometimes it’s tough to get to a physical brick and mortar college, but luckily the Internet has grown leaps and bounds to bring a large selection of online schools such as

Doing homework on the laptop

The best part of an Internet based education is the school is not limited to one type of degree. There are many Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Master’s Degree Programs, and even Doctoral Degree Programs! If you want to see some examples of what type of degree is offered for each level including their requirements check out Walden University’s online degree programs.

Attending online will save time because the relaxed class schedule and there’s no need to commute. You’ll be able to find an amazing assortment of accredited college degrees. And you’ll get to save money! That’s right, you save money because online degrees seem to cost a fraction of traditional college expenses.

To get your online degree make sure you have the time to commit to it. Do your research on what school you want to attend online and what degree you want to go for. Click here to learn about Walden and start your journey to a real college degree from an online University!

How to Learn to Fly

If you’re ready to explore the world from the sky then it’s time to learn to fly! To learn to fly you should visit a local flight school. A friend of mine got certified at a Florida flight school, but they are available in most states and cities.

flying an airplane with propellers

Flying a plane can set you free!

What to expect from a flight school:

  • Learn how aviation works. Pilots, aircraft, how they navigate, and how to communicate, and basics about the airports.
  • You’ll learn about all of the aircraft you can fly
  • Working on getting your pilot certificate? A school can help you on your way!

The best thing to do is locate one of the flight centers in your local area. Search for it in Google! Tell them your goals and priorities and you can find a school that fits your life and schedule!

How to get a Myanmar Visa in Bangkok Thailand

If you’re currently in Thailand and planned to visit Myanmar, you can get your Myanmar Visa in Bangkok. Expect that there would be lots of people in the embassy so it is a good idea if you will be there as early as you can. If you live near Skytrain Station, take the train to either Surasak BTS or Chong Nonsi Station as these are the easiest way to go to the Myanmar embassy. It is open on weekdays from 9 o’clock in the morning till noon but avoid going there during Thai and Burmese holidays.

Also, to avoid some delays, prepare the necessary requirements before going to the embassy and these are your passport and a copy of your passport and 2 colored passport photos. However, you could also get them on the same street where the embassy entrance is on which is about 100 meters down the street. Forms that you need are also available that but you need to pay a small amount about 3 baht. For the photos cost 150 baht and copies are 3 baht. Other requirement that you will need is the copy of your flight itinerary if you want to get your visa on the same to you applied for it, otherwise it’s no necessary.

Map to Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok using the BTS

The price of Myanmar Visa depends on when you are going to pick it up. For same day pick up it will cost you 1260 baht, 1035 baht for the next day, and 810 for two days. Visa pickup will not take long, and you can pick it up whichever day you specified between 3:30 and 4:30 pm.

How to Choose the Right Tax Attorney

People experiencing tax issues such as audits, tax debt, or accusations of tax evasion and fraud may underestimate the importance of understanding how to choose the right tax attorney. But if you are having trouble with the IRS, ignoring the problem will only lead to more fees and more problems such as fines, interest charges, liens on homes or businesses, wage garnishment, and even imprisonment. You have worked hard for what you have, which is why you need to understand how to choose the right tax attorney to deal with your financial concerns.

Preparing a tax audit

There are two types of tax attorneys that you will encounter- those who specialize in tax law, and those who are in general practice but also do tax law. Choosing a tax attorney who specializes in tax law is the best way to ensure that your interests are properly represented. You will want to start by finding out about your attorney’s professional reputation by talking to former clients. You will also want to check with your state’s bar association and the IRS to ensure that your tax attorney is in good standing.

When you are wondering how to choose the right tax attorney, it’s almost a given that the fee charged by a tax attorney is going to be an important consideration. The simple truth is that good legal reputation doesn’t come cheap, but it can often be far less expensive than the alternative. Before you begin working with any attorney, he or she should tell you how much they will charge in terms of hourly rate, and they may even give you an estimate of what the total case will likely cost. Be sure to think about what you will need to do to pay the bills before you agree to using a particular attorney. You may want to talk to several local tax attorneys to find out what their fees generally are, and you will also want to find out which attorneys offer a payment arrangement that you can work with. In most cases, your tax attorney will require a “retainer”, which is like a down payment for work that will be done. Some attorneys will charge only a fixed or flat rate, but this is usually only true of simple cases that will not require significant amounts of research or court time. There are also some tax attorneys that will work on a contingency, which means that they will collect a percentage of the money you are awarded or the amount you save in addition to court costs, fees, and other charges.

Another important consideration on how to choose the right tax attorney is determining whether his or her personality will work with yours. You will want to be sure that you can clearly communicate with him or her, and feel that he or she will do their best to represent you. While choosing a tax attorney can be a little bit scary, it is also the best thing that you can do to protect yourself when dealing with tax issues.

How to abbreviate “continued”

Are you sure, you are abbreviating “continued” the right way?

Short answer: cont’d

Long answer… see below…

Many say it’s cont and others it’s cont’d. A few say there’s no correct abbreviation for continued. In my dictionary the correct abbreviation is cont’d. Then I looked online and Merriam Webster dictionary says the correct abbreviation for continued is cont’d.

Then I tried searching the dictionary with the word cont. The words that came on the lists are the words that have a prefix of cont. And I tried searching also the word cont’d, it says that it’s the definition of a word continued. That would only mean that the word cont’d means the abbreviation of the word continued. Thank you… and good night.

How to get the best USA Farm Stay Experience

Your best farmstay experience is just around the corner! Experience what it’s like to live on a farm in the USA  and stay for one or more nights! Prices usually start at $20 per night depending on the type of accommodation you’re looking for. Not sure where to stay? Check out the farm and ranch interactive map!

U.S. farms and ranches offer an amazing experience!

U.S. farms and ranches offer an amazing experience!

What’s new since 2015 is the U.S. Farm Stay Association has accreditation standards in order to explain what Farm Stay US members offer. These are self-reported and farms may choose to add a badge to their listing that shows they adhere to these guidelines.

Get ready for an amazing farm stay! Click here to learn more!

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about a farm stay.

  • What does a farm stay cost?
  • What can we expect in terms of food?
  • What clothes should we bring?
  • Will I need a car for my farm/ranch vacation?
  • Will there be cell phone service or WiFi at the ranch?
  • Can I drive the tractor?

Here are all of the answers to your farm stay questions!

How to Relax Completely – Follow These Meditation Techniques to Know

Mediation is an excellent tool that can help a person relax. In fact most of the people adopt different meditation techniques to gain complete relaxation. Apart from offering peace of mind, the different forms of meditation can improve various aspects of an individual. It reduces the level of anxiety, helps in focusing and improves concentration. The beginners must understand and learn the correct strategies of meditation. The techniques of meditation are taught in several ways. Meditation is a tried and tested method to prevent tension and anxiety. This is important as psychological stress is the main cause behind illnesses like strokes, heart problems and gastro-intestinal diseases

However, many people wonder on the type of meditation they should practice. It is important to follow some guidelines before you practice meditation.

  • You need to find out a quiet place to sit down and meditate.
  • You must sit in a posture that makes you feel comfortable. There are different positions to meditate. Most people believe that the only posture for meditation is the lotus position but you can also do it in other ways. If you have spinal cord problems then you can perform it by lying down on your back.
  • You need to focus on a particular object while meditating. This can include a word, a phrase or a visual symbol. Things that have spiritual importance in your life can be helpful. You can focus your mind on something that you find peaceful and restful. This will help you to go to a quiet place with the help of your mind.
  • You must try to avoid the surrounding distractions and keep your eyes closed. Try to improve your focus.
  • A receptive approach should be maintained.
Meditation Techniques for Complete Relaxation

You must perform deep breathing. Use your nostrils to inhale till the time you feel that your chest is filled with air. Then slowly exhale with the help of your mouth. These simple techniques will definitely help your mind as well as body to relax. These are important meditation techniques that you must perform properly. You can play a soothing music in the background that can create an ideal entertainment for performing the exercise.

By practicing meditation continuously you can realize that your mind is more relaxed. This will help you deal with daily challenges in a better way and with improved level of confidence. Regular practice of this type of meditation will provide a general feeling of wellness. You can go for guided meditation if you are a beginner. You can read books or learn from experienced people to know more about meditation and how it can help in complete relaxation.

Regular meditation for twenty to thirty minutes in a day can be perfect for you. If you are suffering from high amount of stress then you can increase the period of meditation. Health benefits will surely be noticed within some days. Through the right meditation techniques you will definitely get the desired results.

Find tips on better sleep.

How to Meditate: A Guide for Beginners

Once thought to be reserved for the highly spiritual, kooky, or worldly, meditation is now gaining in popularity because of its physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Meditation has been touted as a heal-all for a variety of ailments and so-called disorders and revered for its ability to elevate one’s awareness. Many would refer to meditation as an art, others as a natural state of being, but if you’re new to the concept and ready to give it a whirl, all you need is some time to yourself and a willingness to let yourself go a bit with the intent of exploring a new realm of consciousness. Here are a few words of wisdom to get you started:

  1. Focus.
    In our world of flippant ADD diagnoses and “admirable” multitasking abilities, focus is hard to come by, at least for any extended period of time. Although during meditation, the goal is to let go of thinking and simply be, this can be extremely difficult, if not impossible for beginners to whom this idea is so foreign that it borders upon ridiculousness. If you find yourself feeling this way, try to focus your attention not on nothing, but on something—one thing. Anything will do. It could be a word, an object, an idea, or even your own breathing. Whatever it is, give that one thing your full attention. More tips on how to concentrate
  2. Let go.
    When you first begin to meditate, you may feel a bit silly, especially if the idea is brand new to you. Our culture tends to value productivity over peace of mind, so you may feel like you’re wasting time—like you should be working or cleaning the dishes piled up in the sink, for instance. If this idea creeps in, let it be. Do not argue with it or give it any special attention. Do not attempt to repress it, although this may very well be your urge. Simply allow it to pass by.
  3. Acknowledge negative thoughts.
    If thoughts that you perceive as negative energy invades your mental space, simply acknowledge them for what they are. It may be helpful to visualize a thought as a firing of a synapse in the brain as all thoughts are—whether good or bad. They don’t mean anything about you, they don’t reflect or forebode; they simply are.
  4. Persevere.
    ginning. Thoughts might creep in, and the responsibilities of the day ahead may encroach upon your mind. Don’t count this as a personal failure, but only as an obstacle to your growth—one that every human must overcome to achieve a higher state of awareness. Commit to practicing meditation once or twice a day, every day or a few times a week, whatever you feel comfortable with in the beginning, and then keep your word. Do it whether you feel like it or not; do it whether or not you think it’s having any impact at all; in the words of Nike, just do it. Soon, you’ll look forward to it rather than having to remind yourself.
  5. Find your own way.
    Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to cross your legs and maintain a thumb-to-forefinger position in order to meditate. Experiment with different poses, whether it be sitting upright, lying down, or even curling up in a fetal position. Meditation is personal, and everyone has their own comfort zone. Strive to find yours rather than imitate what you may believe to be the “right” technique.
  6. Keep a journal.
    After each meditation session, write down a few thoughts about the experience. If you were frustrated, say so. If you felt refreshed afterward, or felt as if you had a breakthrough, document it. After a few weeks, read back through your journal and take notice of the progress you’ve made. Feeling as if you’re moving in the right direction—even if you haven’t quite accomplished your personal goals—can be a powerful motivating force.
Meditation For the Soul


Meditation can have a powerful and positive effect on your mind, body, and soul, but chances are, it won’t happen overnight. Like anything else, practicing meditation takes concentration and determination. If you’re convinced of the benefits but don’t see them right away, stick it out. You’ll never know what’s at the end of the road if you don’t keep walking.

To learn more, visit this site about Buddhist meditation techniques.

How to Create Leadership Development Tips That Work

Being an effective leader is critical to meeting the goals that are issued by the company. Without a strong leader who has clear insight on where the team needs to go, the entire department can suffer. Leadership development solutions come in a variety of different forms. One of the best ways to develop leadership is to lead by example. The following leadership development tips can help.

Exude Leadership Qualities

It is important that the leader comes prepared to each meeting. By doing the necessary legwork and preparations beforehand, it will be easier to keep the entire team on track during meetings and other activities. This preparation will also make such interactions more effective since less time will be spent gathering materials and more time will be spent actually reaching the needed solutions.

Being on time each workday as well as to meetings will keep things on a professional keel. Arriving to, and starting meetings, on time helps to keep them on track. Have a flexible agenda mapped out before the meeting starts keeps the meeting focused and productive.

Delegate Effectively

Being effective with delegation does not mean handing off work and walking away, expecting things to get done as planned. Rather it involves a significant amount of room for those people who have been delegated work to make mistakes and grow in knowledge. It is necessary to provide the people on the team with ample opportunities to grow. This often translates into mistakes being made. For this reason, it is necessary to build in time to allow these mistakes to happen while not pushing the project past its deadline.

Wear the Leadership Role Well

It is usually very easy for people to tell when someone does not want to do something. This is equally true when it comes to being a leader. One of the most effective leadership development solutions is to be comfortable in the leadership role. Without that comfort and desire, the team might find it difficult to stay on task when it comes to projects. This is one of the most important leadership development tips that upper management needs to keep in mind when engaging in the process of choosing the next leaders in their organization.

Offer Choices That Are Appropriate

Many people would rather work within a framework of choices rather than simply following the strict orders of their leaders. By having this flexibility, people are able to grow as team members. This is also an opportunity for those team members to gain valuable experience that they can use in future projects. Much can be learned by allowing people the freedom to make their own choices rather than forcing them to complete tasks in only one way.

Being an effective leader means leading more by example using actions. These actions can more easily be passed on to the rest of the team when using them in addition to using words. Allowing the team members to learn through their experiences and choose their own path helps to grow the leaders of the future.