How to activate iPhone 4

I just bought an iPhone 4 but at first I didn’t notice that I need to activate it before I can use it. My question was how I can do that? I’ve done a little research and to my surprise, it’s really simple and easy. There’s software that you can use to activate your iPhone. Just follow the simple rules found in the iPhone 4 software.

Here are the steps on how to activate your iPhone 4:

  1. To get started in using your iPhone 4, you should register and get an iTunes store account. iTunes will recognize the iPhone. Then you will be able to add your contacts, music, etc on your iPhone.
  2. You will now have to transfer your existing contact numbers to your iPhone 4.
  3. Then you will be ask if you are an AT&T existing costumer, if not just click the button, just new to AT&T. Then you will be asking to transfer your existing. If you don’t have one just skip and then continue.
  4. Then you need to select a plan for you new iPhone 4.
  5. The software will ask for your Apple ID, enter it and it will be confirmed.
  6. Fill up all the necessary questions.
  7. Read the iPhone terms and condition and accept it. And then the AT&T service agreement.
  8. Then your application will be process by AT&T.
  9. An activation note will flash your screen and welcome your iPhone to AT&T.
  10. Now, you will be given a new phone number, since you don’t have existing AT&T account. But if you have one, you can use it to transfer to your iPhone.
  11. Now your phone will light up and you will see on the screen that it is in activation process.
  12. Then, set up your iPhone. Then you will be introduced on sync screen of your iPhone. Sync your iPhone 4, it may take you up to 25 minutes to wait for the process to finish.
  13. Now you can use your iPhone 4 and enjoy.

iTunes says I have app updates after updating [fix]

I’ve had this ongoing issue where iTunes says I have 3 app updates available after I update all apps and it’s been happening for over a year! I did some research and the first solution was to sign out of my account and sign back in. Sign out = nothing shown. Sign in again = 3 updates available still shown!

iTunes Apps updated but always shows pending updates

Updated all apps but 3 apps show not updated

Finally I realized what the problem was. I spent some time abroad and when I was abroad I entered my foreign address as my point of contact. So even though I have 1 iTunes account… it was active in 2 locations and some apps are location based. After deleting the three apps I purchased when abroad the problem went away!

I got tired of going through my e-mails to figure out what apps I bought, so in the end I just deleted all apps and then synced my phone and transfer ed apps from my phone to iTunes. I figure if I use the apps again that I’m not currently using, iTunes will let me download them for free since I already paid for them.

How to get 1TB of cloud storage for FREE!

Right now you can get 7GB for free which will be upgraded to 15GB soon. The secret to getting 1TB (one terabyte) of cloud storage is to sign up for Microsoft Office 365!

Right now Google Docs costs $10 per month for 1TB of storage. But for the same price you can get the free 1TB plus the desktop version of Microsft Office everyone is familiar with, plus free Skype credits every month!

microsoft onedrive 1TB cloud stoage

From a recent blog post by Microsoft they say:

Today, OneDrive and Office are announcing a BIG change to that benefit for consumers, to the tune of 1 TB per user. That’s right–we’re increasing the OneDrive storage allotment included with Office 365 Home, Office 365 Personal, and Office 365 University from 20 GB to 1 TB. That’s a whopping 50 times, or 5,000 percent increase in storage–and it’s going to be here before classes are in session!

Check out these Office 365 consumer subscription options

Office 365 consumer subscription options

How to get Free Online Storage

There are two great cloud storage companies right now. Dropbox and SygarSync. They offer free and paid accounts. What they do is back up certain folders online and also you can sync and share them across your computers. On top of that you can share folders with other users and even people that don’t have an account through a special link. Here’s some more details about the services.

Online Storage and Cost:

50GB – $9.99/month or $99.99/year
100GB – $19.99/month or $199.99/year

30GB – $4.99/month or $49.99/year
60GB – $9.99/month or $99.99/year
100GB – $14.99/month or $149.99/year
250GB – $24.99/month or $249.99/year

Referrals and Storage Expansion:

The Dropbox free account starts with 2GB of storage and allows for expansion. The first is a bonus 256MB for completing “tasks” such as installing the program. You have to complete 5 of 7 potential tasks to get your bonus storage. You can also refer friends for 256MB and you’ll both get 256MB added to your accounts and you can do this up to 32 times giving you a maximum of 8GB giving you a possible total of 10.25GB of free storage.  If you’re a student you can convert your account to the student account. The benefit is you’ll get 512MB of storage for every referral instead of 256MB and this gives you a possible 18.25GB of free storage (but the person you refer will only get 256MB extra).

The SugarSync free account starts 5GB and allows for expansion. There are tasks you can complete to gain extra storage, 256mb each time. But referrals are worth more… giving you an extra 512mb of space per referral. You can do this up to 20 times for a maximum of 10GB of bonus storage. This means that it’s possible have 15.5GB of free storage with SugarSync.

SugarSync Mega Bonus! Now this is cool! If you refer a person and they end up purchasing a plan you’ll both get an extra 10GB of free storage added to your account. So if you were to buy the 30GB account and you were referred, you’ll be getting 40GB for $4.99 a month which is half the price of the Dropbox 50GB plan.

Cloud Storage Features:

Dropbox is simple. All files are synced through a Dropbox folder and it can be placed where ever you want on your computer (or you can put it on an external drive). The Dropbox folder contains two folders. One is Public and one is Photos. Anything placed in these folders can be viewed by the public. The Photos folder will create a nice online gallery for viewing. Dropbox also has a Lan Sync feature so if you’re using two computers on the same network (home network for example) it will transfer files over the Lan as it’s updating the cloud instead of uploading then downloading files. SugarSync doesn’t have this yet.

SugarSync let’s you choose what folders you want to sync instead of forcing you to use just one.They also have a Dropbox style folder called the Magic Briefcase that cannot be moved. You can also auto sync your mobile device if you want to. You can also autosync photos from your phone and once you take a photo it’s immediately uploaded to your account and can be viewed on other computers and even the web.

Ease of Use:

Dropbox is very easy. Just install it and you’re ready to go. The iPhone app is simple too. It works on just about any OS.

SugarSync has more features so it takes longer to figure out. But after about 10 minutes you’ll be glad you invested the time. The mobile app isn’t as simple as Dropbox because of subfolders etc, but it’s good. This works on just about any OS too.

So there’s the breakdown. One thing worth noting is you can install and use both services at the same time if you want. Click here to learn more about Dropbox and Click here to learn more about SygarSync.

How to use a VPN (to protect your privacy and unblock sites)

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the Internet Snooping bill that was passed by congress recently (PCFIPA of 2011) which was a incorrectly labeled bill. If you’re a U.S. resident, your privacy is at risk big time! ISPs now have to keep all records about you and your online presence for a year so police can review them at any time. Your name, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and dynamic IP addresses have to be stored. You can see more about it in these scary articles:

So here comes the VPN Company Service to save the day! They offer a limited free VPN download (connects to Miami only) as well as an unlimited premium VPN service which is a paid service but worth it and offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speeds, and access to all servers. A lot of people might not know what I’m talking about so the rest of this article I’ll talk more in depth about what type of service this is and why a person should use it.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN turns your accessible/loggable public network to a private single stream network. Basically it makes one, and only one, secure encryption to the VPN server, and then your traffic goes through the encrypted tunnel. The ISP and the local authorities only see that you’ve made one connection and can’t see other online activity and this prevents the ISP spying on you. Also VPN services don’t fall under this new bill because they are not an ISP. Just remember though… just because it makes things more secure and anonymous, you can not and should not perform illegal actions while using one (credit card fraud, identity theft, hacking, etc).

VPN Tunnel

What if hackers could penetrate the ISP company and steal all of the customer data? That’s something to think about!

In a nutshell, using a VPN service like VPNCompany is easy. 1) Download 2) Install 3) Connect.

A VPN can be used any time such as when you visit different countries, if you’re on wifi hotspots or at the local coffee shop, or even if you’re at home. Some countries provide security over the internet and block or censor sites you can visit. It works on your computer as well as your smartphone, like Android or iPhone (also on the iPad, and iPod Touch). When I travel I often use 3G from my iPhone as my main source of internet on the road so this works perfect for me.

Why do you need a VPN?

  • You download torrents and use P2P networks (if so, do not connect to a USA server. Connect to an international server location. You’ll need to become a VPNCompany premium customer to do this).
  • You don’t want your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to be able to monitor and control your online activities
  • You want a more simple and secure solution instead of using a proxy.
  • You currently live in a country censors your internet by blocking sites.
  • You live outisde of the USA but you want to watch Hulu, other free online network TV, unblock skype, or even us BBC iPlayer.
  • You frequently use wifi hotspots and don’t want hackers packet sniffing.
  • You want extra privacy, security, and a one click simple solution.
  • You travel and your online banking, and even Paypal, limit your account access because you’re coming from an out of country originating IP. Connect to a US server and these problems are solved.
VPNCompany – Most Popular and Recommended VPN Service

In order to use a VPN you must sign up for a VPN provider and install their software on your computer or follow their sometimes confusing instructions. Usually VPN companies offer PPTP or Open VPN style encryption. But get this… with VPNCompany you download their software that works on Windows and iOS which let’s you choose at any time… what country you want to connect to… and if you want to connect to OpenVPN or PPTP.

UPDATE OCTOBER 19, 2011 – – – I use the PPTP connection on my iPhone. The default setup connects to the Miami server, but you can change to a server closer to your location by finding the latest listings in the online documentation.

After installing a VPN on your computer, you will be able to use it and be secure all the time without revealing your true IP address. It’s safe and keep you away from attackers, hackers, ISP snoops, and other harmful elements on the web that wants to access your private personal data.

I suggest considering VPNCompany as your VPN provider. The features are great and they’re always one step ahead of the competition making all VPN users happy. I’ve been using them for over a year now and I have no complaints. They are always adding new servers and improving their software. Their customer support is quick to answer and so far it seems like they listen to their customers, because I’ve seen some new features in the latest software that I wanted added (although I didn’t contact them about this, others must have).

Newbie Note: You cannot use VPN without an ISP. They work in tango. Have an internet connection then use it with your VPN.

Like I said, the software is always being improved. As of October 4th 2011 the latest update v2.4.10 for Windows OS rocks with these new features:

  1. There’s now an application style menu bar with menus added
  2. You can check your account status at any time through the menu.
  3. VPNCompany Premium users now have a wide selection of ports they can connect through. (coming soon for mac users).
  4. Fixes – status checks & remembered settings.