How to display newest comments first in a WordPress post

The easiest way to display new comments first in a WordPress post is to change some discussion settings.

new comments first in wordpress

I have highlighted the discussion settings you need to pay attention to.

  1. Log into your WordPress admin
  2. Under “Settings” click on “Discussion”
  3. Under “Other Comment Settings” check the box in front of “Break comments into pages…”
  4. For the first drop down box select “first” and for the second drop down box select “newer”
  5. Hit save, you’re all done!

How to clear html text box values

Here’s what’s happened to me recently. I have a form on a website with a textbox. I wanted to have predefined default text in the box (like ‘Enter Your ID Number’) but have it disappear when the cursor clicks the box. I originally used onFocus=”clear_textbox()” but that stopped working. So I then changed it to onclick=”this.value=”; and it works like a charm! Here’s working example (minus the submit button):

And here’s a code example:

<form name=”text_form” id=”text_form”>
<input name=”userid” type=”text” onclick=”this.value=”;” value=”Enter Your ID Number” size=”25″/>
<input type=”submit” value=”Set ID” />