How Do Changed Circumstances Affect Child Support

The parties involved in a case concerning child support must comply with any order issued by the court. Upon the issuance of the order by the judge, the said order is immediately executory. This means that whoever is adjudged liable to pay for the child support must comply with the said obligation right away. When there is a failure to provide for the payment of child support, a particular parent may be held in contempt. Nonetheless, it must be noted that both parents may be held liable for the support depending on the attendant facts and circumstances of each case.

Under our jurisdiction, a child support order may be modified when there are changes in the circumstances. An example of this is when there is an increase in the needs of the child. In such case, the judge may increase the amount of the child support despite the fact that there was no increase in the incomes of the parents. This is one of the instances where the court shows its adherence to the “best interest of the child” rule or principle. Another example wherein the amount for the child support may be increased is when the incomes of the parents have risen and there are certain proofs for its existence.

Child support with changed circumstances

In order to ensure that you will not have a problem in complying with the child support order, keep a close contact with your lawyer.

At the same time, the judge may also decrease the amount of the child support upon showing that the liable parent’s income has declined as long as it is not due to his or her fault. Moreover, it must be noted that the decrease may also be granted despite the fact that the children’s needs have not declined. When there is a change in the residence of either the parent or the child, the modification for the child support may also be granted.

In order to ensure that you will not have a problem in complying with the child support order, keep a close contact with your lawyer. In cases when you encounter legal problems concerning the payment of the child’s needs, make sure that the first thing you will do is to call your attorney. Do not do certain acts that may be prejudicial to your rights and interests.

Always put in mind that you have the responsibility to comply with the child support order that the court may issue. In cases where there are some modifications allowed by the court, you also need to follow whatever changes will be introduced in the new support order. Do not worry because you are allowed, under the law, to present some evidence to oppose any motion for modification of the order.

How to interview a Nanny

It is normal in a modern urban setting for mothers to be working, which gives them little time, if ever, to take care of their children regularly. In place of mothers, nannies are put into place and in choosing one, a mother would pick someone who she thinks she can trust and can offer help and support.

This creates a situation where the child becomes more attached to the nanny, because she is with the child more often than the parents are. Ideally then, a nanny should be someone who would take care of your child like her own. However, this is a trait that is rare these days, as nannies are often more interested in the money they would be earning. In a culture where little accountability and brief encounters are the norm, hiring a nanny entails knowing everything possible about her to ensure that your child will be safe in her keeping. Whether you opt to use a nanny agency or track down the ideal candidate on your own, you will have to face an interview at some time.

Nanny taking the child swimming

Nanny taking the child swimming

Previous Job Inquiries

One of the first questions you should ask a potential nanny is why she left her last job. If she is still employed by someone else but is applying for another job, why is she leaving her present employer? The answer to your inquiries about her previous or present employment will help in deciding if she is feasible and if you could meet her expectations.

Best and Worst Child Cared For

Ask the applicant nanny to describe the best and the worst child she had looked after in the past. A powerful question, this can disclose essential attitudes of your future nanny towards child behavior. If she endlessly talk about the worst child but only describes the best one momentarily, it can be revealing. Pay attention to her speech. Are there unkind expressions used in explaining the trouble with a particular child? Did the nanny ever accept any of her responsibilities? A good follow up question to ask would be, could another approach be more effective?

Own Children or Younger Sibling

It may be a plus factor if your potential nanny has her own children or younger brother or sister, and the topic can let you go into other areas easily. Did you take care of your younger siblings? What was your age when they were first left in your care? What age is too young for you?

Discipline Philosophy

Inquiring on the philosophy on discipline of your potential nanny will reveal the opinion that she might have concerning discipline. The topic will also provide a nice transition to your own discipline rules in the house. If you do not want your nanny hurting your child physically, such as spanking, this is the time to tell her.

Using a reputable nanny agency does of course make life easier. With candidates pre-vetted you might be happy to avoid some of the more difficult questions, or at least put them to the agency rather than directly to the Nanny themselves. However if you are hiring childcare by placing nanny job ads then the bonus is going to be on you to find out all that you can.

Wedding Photographer FAQ – How to Prepare for Your Outdoor Ceremony

Depending on what season you are having your wedding in, there is a good chance discussion of an outdoor wedding ceremony has taken place. If you live somewhere which is captivated by feet of snow in the winter, then you may be thinking indoor. Either way, this is a big decision which can effect many other parts of your wedding.

There are the obvious cons of having an outdoor ceremony, such as rain or extreme heat. If an outdoor ceremony is something that you have already decided on, then a rain-plan should be in order in case a sudden storm takes place. If the chosen site has an indoor area as well, that is an easy way to solve your problem without having to worry about guests shuffling from here to there when some last minute rain hits.

Wedding Ceremony Exchanging Rings

A ring exchange during the wedding

A little rain won’t completely ruin an outdoor ceremony, so having umbrellas on hand can combat the weather while creating a great photo opportunity. A fun idea is having different colored umbrellas which can coordinate with your theme. This will not only look great in photos, but can distract some of your guests from the rain.

An important wedding photographer faq is discussing what the photographer has planned in case of rain. Discussing the possible change of venues with not only your wedding photographer, but your florist as well is a smart idea in order to guarantee you are prepared.

Rain isn’t the only weather aspect which could put an unexpected damper on your day. If you plan on having a summer wedding in a location which tends to get hot, prepare yourself for the chance of extreme heat. In places such as Minnesota, you never know exactly how hot or humid might get. By booking an outdoor ceremony during the hot summer months, you are risking the chance of 90 plus temperatures. If you are one who doesn’t sweat in the heat, then you don’t have too much to worry about. It is however important to think about the elderly and Young children that may be present at your wedding. This is just another great reason why you must have a back up plan for your outdoor ceremony. Making water available to your guests during the ceremony is wise because it could take longer tan you may have expected. This shouldn’t have too much of an extra expense to your budget, and you can easily personalize water bottles if it is something you are interested in.

Perfect beach wedding kiss under the sunset

A successful outdoor wedding can be romantic and you'll have pictures that offer a lifetime of memories!

If you do choose that an outdoor ceremony is for you, there are some great ways to create an enchanting look in the site of your choice. Benches made from trees, signs hung from the scenery, as well as mountain backdrops are all doable if you decide to take the plunge. Depending on your area, there are likely many great sites which you can choose from for your outdoor ceremony.

Although the planning and concerns that may come along with having an outdoor ceremony can add up, if you end up with a great day outside you will not regret this choice. Many of the best weddings I’ve attended have been those that have taken their vows outside, surrounded not only by their friends and family, but the beautiful scenery