How to Learn to Fly

If you’re ready to explore the world from the sky then it’s time to learn to fly! To learn to fly you should visit a local flight school. A friend of mine got certified at a Florida flight school, but they are available in most states and cities.

flying an airplane with propellers

Flying a plane can set you free!

What to expect from a flight school:

  • Learn how aviation works. Pilots, aircraft, how they navigate, and how to communicate, and basics about the airports.
  • You’ll learn about all of the aircraft you can fly
  • Working on getting your pilot certificate? A school can help you on your way!

The best thing to do is locate one of the flight centers in your local area. Search for it in Google! Tell them your goals and priorities and you can find a school that fits your life and schedule!

How to Find and Buy Cheap Car Insurance Online

There are a lot of insurance companies out there today and they have one thing in common besides covering your car and passengers… they want your money! Here are some simple steps in finding the most affordable car insurance that fits your needs.

  • Compare – Look at what’s offered and compare companies from each other. You might even start your own checklist of what’s important to you. Here’s a site that will do the work for you, they compare quotes online from multiple companies.
  • Check – Check for discounts! Many offer age discounts because once you’re out of your 20s you’re a more experienced and safer driver. There are also student discounts (as show here), marriage discounts, and a list of others you might qualify for.
  • Choose the right car – Make the right decision in choosing a car. Car insurance rates often depend on how expensive your car is and what class it falls into (example: sports cars cost more to insure).
  • Multiple car discount – If you have more than one car you can check with your existing insurance company as well as some other competitors to see what type of discount they can offer you that accommodates all of your automobiles.
  • Fine print – Lastly, check the car insurance policies, discount, and offers that makes them outstanding without paying a fee. Often time you get what you pay for, but just because the service is good doesn’t mean it has to be over priced.

Also if you’re looking to replace some things in your car or add some sweet accessories (I love my GPS) you can find the most popular car gadgets right here!

Sexy but Affordable!

Even if you have a bad driving record there are companies that will still cover you. The price might be higher in the beginning but as you maintain a good driving record your car insurance should get cheaper over time.

And if you’re looking to repair or replace something car related before talking to the insurance company, you can search your make, model, and year right here to get a price quote on products.


How To Clean Your Wheels And Keep Them Look New?

Cleaning and maintaining wheels are quite important because your car will not look new if your car body is shiny but the wheels are dirty, old and rusty.

Similar to the car wash tips written, the best way to protect our car’s rims and wheels is by cleaning them on a regular basis. Due to the regular driving the dirt on the road normally get attached to our car wheels and rims and therefore trapping moisture can cause corrosion over a period of time.

The brushes as well as the cleaning agents for washing rims are specifically available in many auto stores. Utilizing the right cleaning agents is really important to maintain the rims.

Car wash and auto detailing picture

For cleaning purpose first of all you need to wet the tire rims with warm water. In case of alloy rims you can utilize a brush with medium to heavy bristles but in case of chrome rims it is better to use a soft sponge and avoid using scouring pads and brushes with hard bristles. You are required to apply a mild detergent to your sponge or brush.

Now wash the rims gently in a circular motion. You can utilize an old toothbrush to clean the tight spaces where brush or sponge cannot reach easily. Once done, you can rinse the tire rims thoroughly with warm water. After that you need to dry the tire rims with a soft cloth or towel. For an excellent shine you can apply a non-caustic wax or polish available at automotive stores.

For cleaning the wheels first of all choose a quality wheel cleaner concentrate which is safe to use. Now spray the wheel cleaner on damp wheels and brush them with a quality non-metal ferrule brush.

Spray the wheel cleaner evenly and let it stand 2 to 3 minutes but if the wheels are heavily soiled you can wait a little longer. Now brush your wheels carefully.

After that you can rinse in and around your wheel thoroughly to remove dirt and excess wheel cleaner. Remember not let the surface dry and you may need to wash it for the second time if the wheels are extremely soiled.

Once done you can wax your wheels by applying a non-abrasive quality wheel coat or wax to your wheels. It will also provide significant protection against brake dust damage.

Last but not least, spend some time to research for good auto detailing supplies for your wheels. Good products are not always the most expensive ones. Read feedbacks and reviews written by users and experts. This is how me and my team get the best car wax for ourself. Enjoy cleaning your wheels and making them shine!