How to turn PHP Safe Mode Off

The first and easiest solution: Contact your hosting company. Ask them to turn PHP Safe Mode Off. If you don’t want to contact your webhost, you can turn it off yourself manually. Here’s how.

Turn of PHP Safe Mode Off in Linux using some basic VI Commands.

  1. Using SSH, connect to your server. Do this as root. If not, then you can SU to Root in the next step.
  2. Once you are logged in, type su - root.
  3. For your password, type the same password you used to connect to your server.
  4. At the command prompt type this to edit your php.ini file:
    vi /etc/php.ini
  5. Go to the line safe_mode = on and press the “i” key on your keyboard.
  6. Change the line to safe_mode = off and press the “Esc” key.
  7. Type :wq! to save your file.
  8. You might have to reboot your server now.

Turn PHP Safe Mode Off on a Windows server

  1. Using Remote Desktop Connection, log in to your server as an administrator.
  2. Open c:\windowsphp.ini in Notepad.
  3. Change the line safe_mode = on to safe_mode = off.
  4. Save and close windowsphp.ini .
  5. You might have to restart your webserver for changes to take affect.

How to Move Google Voice from one Google Account to Another

Google recently turned the Google Apps (for domains) accounts into a regular accounts. Oh man, what a headache. What does this mean? You can only log into one account at the same time. This has been causing some problems because many things like Google Voice are saved on the account versus the account. I think it’s a good idea to transfer things over to the App account since that’s easiest for me to use (but too bad Google+ Plus doesn’t work for @domain accounts yet).

The Google Voice Transfer Solution

Use this form to request your Google Voice number be transferred from one Google Account to another (e.g. [email protected] to [email protected]).

Please follow the instructions EXACTLY AS THEY APPEAR, because if you do not enter your information correctly, it could result in wrongfully deleting all of your subscriber information, like your call history, text messages, and voicemails, for which Google cannot be responsible and which will be irreversible. Please be EXTREMELY CAREFUL about clearly identifying which Google Account you would like your Voice account moved from (original) and to (destination account).

It may take up to a week to process this request. Google will contact you if we need further information or to update you on your status. There are a few things you should be aware of if you wish to re-upgrade to a different Google Account:

  • Your call history and voicemails since the upgrade will not transfer over upon re-upgrading
  • The settings changes you’ve made will not transfer over upon re-upgrading
  • You can only re-upgrade once
  • The re-upgrade process may take up a week
  • Do not make any international calls or buy international call credit until the re-upgrade process has been completed

Google Voice App

If you’re having other issues with your Google Voice account (SMS, Google Voice on Sprint, etc) you can visit this page to find some solutions.

How to trade stocks online

This has to be one of the easiest ways to build a stock portfolio. You sign up with an online stock broker, buy and sell as you wish, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Online trading refers to buying and selling stocks directly from a website owned by an authorized stock trading company. They’ll keep records of your trades, a portfolio, and even offer suggestions. The best thing about online trading is the fee is substantially lower than if you were to trade with a stock broker in person vs an online broker.

Wall Street Stock Trading Now Online

Trading stocks online is easier than ever! Your future of investing is at your fingertips!

Investing your money in stock trading can give you a jackpot, but on the other hand you can lose a lot so you need to research before you spend your money. It’s not always about the quick buck because you could generate a nice portfolio for your IRA accounts (while getting tax breaks!)

What’s great is not only can you monitor your stocks and portfolio online, you can also do this with your iPhone, Android, or other smart phone using the latest apps for mobile trading.

How to use a VPN (to protect your privacy and unblock sites)

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about the Internet Snooping bill that was passed by congress recently (PCFIPA of 2011) which was a incorrectly labeled bill. If you’re a U.S. resident, your privacy is at risk big time! ISPs now have to keep all records about you and your online presence for a year so police can review them at any time. Your name, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and dynamic IP addresses have to be stored. You can see more about it in these scary articles:

So here comes the VPN Company Service to save the day! They offer a limited free VPN download (connects to Miami only) as well as an unlimited premium VPN service which is a paid service but worth it and offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speeds, and access to all servers. A lot of people might not know what I’m talking about so the rest of this article I’ll talk more in depth about what type of service this is and why a person should use it.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN turns your accessible/loggable public network to a private single stream network. Basically it makes one, and only one, secure encryption to the VPN server, and then your traffic goes through the encrypted tunnel. The ISP and the local authorities only see that you’ve made one connection and can’t see other online activity and this prevents the ISP spying on you. Also VPN services don’t fall under this new bill because they are not an ISP. Just remember though… just because it makes things more secure and anonymous, you can not and should not perform illegal actions while using one (credit card fraud, identity theft, hacking, etc).

VPN Tunnel

What if hackers could penetrate the ISP company and steal all of the customer data? That’s something to think about!

In a nutshell, using a VPN service like VPNCompany is easy. 1) Download 2) Install 3) Connect.

A VPN can be used any time such as when you visit different countries, if you’re on wifi hotspots or at the local coffee shop, or even if you’re at home. Some countries provide security over the internet and block or censor sites you can visit. It works on your computer as well as your smartphone, like Android or iPhone (also on the iPad, and iPod Touch). When I travel I often use 3G from my iPhone as my main source of internet on the road so this works perfect for me.

Why do you need a VPN?

  • You download torrents and use P2P networks (if so, do not connect to a USA server. Connect to an international server location. You’ll need to become a VPNCompany premium customer to do this).
  • You don’t want your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to be able to monitor and control your online activities
  • You want a more simple and secure solution instead of using a proxy.
  • You currently live in a country censors your internet by blocking sites.
  • You live outisde of the USA but you want to watch Hulu, other free online network TV, unblock skype, or even us BBC iPlayer.
  • You frequently use wifi hotspots and don’t want hackers packet sniffing.
  • You want extra privacy, security, and a one click simple solution.
  • You travel and your online banking, and even Paypal, limit your account access because you’re coming from an out of country originating IP. Connect to a US server and these problems are solved.
VPNCompany – Most Popular and Recommended VPN Service

In order to use a VPN you must sign up for a VPN provider and install their software on your computer or follow their sometimes confusing instructions. Usually VPN companies offer PPTP or Open VPN style encryption. But get this… with VPNCompany you download their software that works on Windows and iOS which let’s you choose at any time… what country you want to connect to… and if you want to connect to OpenVPN or PPTP.

UPDATE OCTOBER 19, 2011 – – – I use the PPTP connection on my iPhone. The default setup connects to the Miami server, but you can change to a server closer to your location by finding the latest listings in the online documentation.

After installing a VPN on your computer, you will be able to use it and be secure all the time without revealing your true IP address. It’s safe and keep you away from attackers, hackers, ISP snoops, and other harmful elements on the web that wants to access your private personal data.

I suggest considering VPNCompany as your VPN provider. The features are great and they’re always one step ahead of the competition making all VPN users happy. I’ve been using them for over a year now and I have no complaints. They are always adding new servers and improving their software. Their customer support is quick to answer and so far it seems like they listen to their customers, because I’ve seen some new features in the latest software that I wanted added (although I didn’t contact them about this, others must have).

Newbie Note: You cannot use VPN without an ISP. They work in tango. Have an internet connection then use it with your VPN.

Like I said, the software is always being improved. As of October 4th 2011 the latest update v2.4.10 for Windows OS rocks with these new features:

  1. There’s now an application style menu bar with menus added
  2. You can check your account status at any time through the menu.
  3. VPNCompany Premium users now have a wide selection of ports they can connect through. (coming soon for mac users).
  4. Fixes – status checks & remembered settings.

How to Find Bad Credit Payday Loans Online

Sometimes people who have bad credit think that they will never be able to get another personal loan of any kind but that’s not the case. Many come to the Internet and they get a bad credit personal loan from a direct payday lender there usually on the next business day.

People applying for this kind of credit need to remember that this isn’t the kind of loan that you get from a bank. These not great credit payday loans don’t involve any middlemen so there is a lower cost that is generally passed along to the consumer.

Faxless payday loans with instant approval

If you're looking for instant approval payday loands, you should search online and get no hassle even with bad credit.

You need to look for a few things when you’re trying to select the right payday loan direct lender, and at the top of the list should be the reputation of the company and their trustworthiness. There are different ways you can gauge that and one of the things that will tell you that a company is completely legitimate is their ability to supply you with more than an e-mail address as customer contact information.

For example a company that can supply you with the telephone support number as well as an e-mail address and even a snail mail address is a company that you can feel a little more trust for because you’ll be able to get a hold of them on the phone and ask any questions that you have about your bad credit payday loan.

There are a few other things that you’ll need to look for as well to make sure that you’re getting a direct online cash advance lender that is top-notch and these things include,

  • The ability to store your account information. It’s important that you make sure when you’re looking to get a bad credit payday loan that you can store your account information with the place that you are considering so that you can log in and check your account status anytime as well as apply for another loan without starting at the beginning of the procedure.
  • The ability to take advantage of all the latest technology. What you want here is to be sure that you’re getting a faxless payday loan so that you can feel comfortable that your confidential information is being held in a secure location.

When you’re looking to get bad credit payday loans it’s necessary to look into all the different angles and the different features that any direct online cash advance lender can supply so that you get the best of these not great credit payday loans.

How to iron clothes

Ironing clothes is hard; honestly, I don’t master using a flat iron. What I’m going to share with you is just the basic steps on how to iron clothes.

  • All you need to have is the flat iron, the iron board, water sprayer and the clothes to iron.
  • Heat your flat iron (there’s an instruction depending on the types of clothes you will iron)
  • Start with the light clothing.
  • Place cloth on top of the iron board and gently rub the flat iron against the cloth.
  • Go on the portion where it is need to put much attention of ironing.
  • T-shirts and small clothing is easy to iron not like the heavy clothes like pants and shorts.
  • Make sure that you go over all the part of the cloth.
  • In case you will need to get more attention to the cloth you are ironing, better spray it with water to flatten it fast. Water makes the cloth smooth and easy to iron.
  • After you go over through the cloth and it’s already flattened, hang it with a plastic hanger and put it directly on a closet.
  • Go through over all the clothes and don’t forget to unplug the flat iron after every use.

Just a reminder, never make your flat iron too hot for it may burn your clothes. There’s also an iron stand where you can place your iron while you are placing the cloth on the iron board. Placing the hot flat iron anywhere can cause damage to you other things and might cause house burning when not used properly.

Iron a shirt in 3 minutes using this master technique!

Check out T.M.Lewin – Off The Cuff, click on Videos to find out more about ironing and pressing clothes to help give yourself a professional look.

And if you’re hardcore about just ironing, then check out this Youtube Playlist (WARNING: it’s going to autoplay and might be a bit loud.)

How and where to buy scrubs online

I have a friend who’s studying to become a Radiologic Technologist (aka X-ray Tech) and he graduates later this year. We were talking about career choices, your expected duties in your field, equipment, etc. Then we got on the subject of how people dress. Casual vs business attire vs uniform. He has to have his own scrubs on the job and he was looking for some discounts. We both did some searching and found an great site to shop for scubs online. He wanted something that fits good, looks decent, and is priced accordingly. He ordered some from this site:

Doctors Nurses and Radiologic Technologists and Technicians on hand at the hospital

Having multiple sets of scrubs come in handy! You never know what you're in for at the hospital.

Their men’s scrub feature a top with one pocket and scrub pants with two back pockets. Also they’ve turned the classic scrub top into a slimming shirt that’s cut just long enough to tuck in or wear out. The pants are low-rise boot cut which is not always easy to find. Also, wrinkle resistant is key, especially because he’s busy and doesn’t fold his laundry that often.

The site is worth checking out if you’re in the medical field. They offer a variety of uniforms and they also have doctor and nurse uniforms and supplies. Shopping online is simple, just click, browse, add to your shopping cart!

How to Consolidate Student Loans

Whether you are a recent college grad or you have been out of school for several years, if you paid for school with loans, you are probably wondering how to consolidate student loans. Large debts from school can be hard to manage, and having your loans spread across several financial institutions can make it even more difficult. Consolidation can not only make it easier to pay your student loans each month, it can also save you money by lowering your interest rate in many cases. Understanding how to consolidate student loans may make it easier for you to reduce your debt and move forward with a stronger financial future.

college graduation

This is only the beginning!

Consolidating student loans usually means that a single lender will group all of your smaller loans into a single larger loan by buying out your other loans and becoming your primary lender. You will have a single point of contact, a single place to send your payments, and often, a much lower interest rate that will allow you to pay off loans more quickly. While student loan consolidation isn’t right for everyone, generally, the more student loans you have, the more sense it makes to consolidate them.

When you are looking at how to consolidate student loans (Government or other private student loans), the first thing you need to think about is whether you are a good candidate for consolidation. There are pros and cons, depending on your individual situation. First, remember that consolidating loans means a fixed interest rate, so you don’t have to worry about interest rates going up- but you also won’t experience the benefits of a decrease in interest rates. If you think the rate you are being offered on a consolidation is too high, you may want to wait a while and see if the rate drops. You also need to figure out whether you have federal loans (such as Stafford, PLUS and SLS) or private loans. There are consolidations available for both types, but you will need to figure out which type you have.

Paying off student loans with a handful of cash

How much is your student loan monthly payment?

Once you have decided that you want to consolidate your student loans, the next step is to figure out how to consolidate your student loans. Remember that you cannot consolidate loans while you are still in school, but you can consolidate them while you are in the “grace period” right after graduation before the repayment plan begins. You may want to start with an student loans online consolidation calculator which will help you figure out what you should be paying and what your interest rate will likely be. You should talk to a number of different lenders to see what the policies, interest rate, and repayment plan for each one is. As with any other type of loan you take out, the more homework you do up front, the less likely you are to end up with more than you bargained for. Remember that no legitimate company will force you to pay an upfront fee in order to consolidate your federal student loans.

Once you have decided how to consolidate student loans, the next step is to be sure that you keep up with payments. Missing or being chronically late may result in increased interest rates, fees, or other financial difficulties that will undermine your efforts. Learning how to consolidate student loans isn’t difficult, and it can be an important step toward being financially secure after college.

Getting recipes and ideas from Master Chef

I guess that you might say that I’m a foodie. But then again, I might not be the best cook, so I don’t really know if I can call myself a foodie. I’m always on the look out for new places to eat at and things to cook myself and serve to my family. By watching shows like Master Chef, I come up with all kinds of things to fix. Also, I see all kinds of different variations of classic dishes that I love to try and recreate.

A master chef cooking with gas and wine

Now we're cooking with fire!

I was online trying to track down a recipe for a challenge where they had to cook with lobsters, and while I was doing that a few days ago, I ran across the website I looked through it some and after that I chose to change over our home’s internet access to a package that I found on there.

Then I found this one websites with all of these Master Chef recipes, or at least kind of a database of recipes for all of the dishes that they’ve fixed by episode. It’s so great!

This was contributed by a guest writer, Bryan Cooper.