How to say “French Toast” in Spanish

I always enjoy some homestyle comfort food when I travel. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and you can get it done your way just about anywhere. You already know how to say waffles in Spanish, but what about French toast? It depends on the region but here’s a quick breakdown:

Spain: torrija
Mexico: pan francés … but … Northern Mexico: torreja
Spain: torrija

torrija - torreja - pan francés

Every place has their unique style built from the basic breakfast foundation

And here you can learn to make your own French toast when you’re back home!

How to get an Online College Degree

When the job market gets tougher, it’s a good idea to come to an interview with some ammunition… in steps the college degree! Sometimes it’s tough to get to a physical brick and mortar college, but luckily the Internet has grown leaps and bounds to bring a large selection of online schools such as

Doing homework on the laptop

The best part of an Internet based education is the school is not limited to one type of degree. There are many Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Master’s Degree Programs, and even Doctoral Degree Programs! If you want to see some examples of what type of degree is offered for each level including their requirements check out Walden University’s online degree programs.

Attending online will save time because the relaxed class schedule and there’s no need to commute. You’ll be able to find an amazing assortment of accredited college degrees. And you’ll get to save money! That’s right, you save money because online degrees seem to cost a fraction of traditional college expenses.

To get your online degree make sure you have the time to commit to it. Do your research on what school you want to attend online and what degree you want to go for. Click here to learn about Walden and start your journey to a real college degree from an online University!

How to say “waffles” in Spanish

Mexico and South America are the top destinations for American travelers because they’re so close. So if you’re in a Spanish speaking country and you’re in the mood for some good waffles (by the way, let me know if you find a Waffle House, that would be sweet!) it’s easy to order some up.

Waffle House

The amazing great tasting Waffle House!

To say it in Spanish you’ll say waffles, but pronounce it differently and it should sound like wah-flehs or wah-flays depending on how you read my writing. Now that’s the easiest way and almost everybody should understand you.

waffles spanish

Beautiful waffles with some wonderful icre cream!

If you want to get all technical you can use the actual Spanish word for waffles which is gofre and sounds like go-freh or “go-fray“. To take it a step further and order some Belgium waffles you can say waffles de Bélgica or gofres de Bélgica. Saying French toast in Spanish is another story…

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles using Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion started gaining popularity in the 1980s and is still a favorite among consumers because of its non-invasive nature. A non-surgical procedure, it helps to keep skin smoother, improve the appearance of fine lines and prevent wrinkles, and helps to eliminate hyperpigmentation or freckles and liver spots.

remove wrinkles remedies without surgery

Remove and Reduce Wrinkles! Aging is your enemy!

In other words, it’s a somewhat more effective form of exfoliating treatment, but is also milder than dermabrasion. Microdermabrasion works by “blasting” the skin with minerals so the regeneration of skin cells is promoted. The treatment can last between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the skin type. After treatment, the skin may look pink and may feel sensitive. Sun exposure is not recommended for skin fresh from the treatment, and the application of sunscreen with no less than 30 SPF is required after the treatment.

In-clinic vs. home kits

There are two basic differences between in-clinic microdermabrasion and home kits: the price and the efficacy. Most of the time, home kits can only give you the same results you can enjoy in two in-clinic treatments after 11 or so sessions. However, in-clinic microdermabrasion can be very pricy. Usually, a single in-clinic microdermabrasion costs ten times more than a home kit would. If you want faster results, though, you’d prefer the in-clinic treatment.

What it can’t do for you

While microdermabrasion in general (whether it’s a home kit, or an in-clinic treatment) can improve the appearance of fine lines and early signs of wrinkling, it can’t treat deep grooving wrinkles. This is why it’s not exactly a top-treatment for wrinkling per se. However, if you’re worried about discoloration and acne scars, especially if you’re only in your 20s and your skin still repairs itself relatively fast, this procedure can do wonders for you.

Girls in sauna improving and repairing skin sexy wallpaper

The sooner you start treating your skin the easier it will be to control wrinkles and skin damange.

Those who have deep wrinkles as their main problems might find that they need to have microdermabrasion along with other wrinkle treatments. Microdermabrasion does improve the way the skin absorbs wrinkle creams like retin-a. However, microdermabrasion can’t be considered as an active treatment against severe wrinkling.

If you’re well into your 40s, 50s, or 60s, and would like to take the years off your face, you might find that there are other treatments which cost just as much which are more effective for firming the skin. Microdermabrasion is ideal for people in their 20s or 30s, considering the price.


When you go for a microdermabrasion treatment, you won’t have to be injected with anesthetics. While you may feel a slight tingling during the treatment, you won’t experience too much swelling, itching, reddening, or pain. Of course, you should still submit to preliminary tests, especially if you have very sensitive skin.

How to fix the Firefox Sync Unkown Error in 3 Steps

Recently I’ve been getting an annoying error from Firefox 5.0 at the bottom of the browser saying: Sync encountered an error while syncing: Unknown error. Sync will automatically retry this action.

Solution to Firefox Sync Error Unknown

Don’t delete anything yet! Many people say you need to delete your FireFox Sync account and even reinstall the browser. But here’s the easier the solution that worked for me without the need for any re-installation and it’s all done online. Login, Clear your Sync data, Sync! You don’t even have to close your browser.

The “Before you do anything” solution:

Login to your Sync account online. After the log in, restart your Firefox browser. See if that did the trick. If that doesn’t work. Continue to this next part…

Solution #1 (in case that didn’t work – THIS solution worked for me)

  1. Login to your online Firefox sync account here
  2. Click Clear your Sync data and then click the button. Once you’ve done this you’ll get the confirmation message “Your data has been successfully removed from your sync cluster”.
  3. Now click the Sync button if the error bar is still showing in Firefox. If not, click on the orange Firefox drop-down and click Sync Now. If you’re using the Menu Bar, you can click on Tools then click Sync Now. (Don’t  know what I’m talking about? Click here to see the image if you’re new to FireFox.)

If that didn’t work, here are some more solutions you can try.

Solution #2 (in case that didn’t work)

For for this solution I’m using the regular menu, not the orange menu button. If you only see the orange button you can hit the “Alt” button on your keyboard and the old style menu will appear. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see a screenshot here.

  1. Backup your bookmarks to prevent any possible loss. Go the Firefox menu and click Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks > then click Import and Backup > Backup.
  2. Go to the sync tab in your firefox preferences. In the menu click Tools > Options > Sync. Uncheck everything except passwords and close.
  3. Now sync your data. Click Tools > Sync Now.
  4. Go back to the sync tab in your preferences and enable each box one by one (for whatever you want to sync) and do a sync in between.
  5. Restart your browser, see if that solves the problem!

Solution #3 (in case that didn’t work)

Contact Firefox support. You can do a live chat with them here. They might send you to this page “Firefox Sync is not working” but it didn’t solve my problem. Good luck!

Click this if you forgot your Firefox Sync key and want to know how to regenerate one. Click this to learn how to setup a new Firefox Sync account.

How to Learn to Fly

If you’re ready to explore the world from the sky then it’s time to learn to fly! To learn to fly you should visit a local flight school. A friend of mine got certified at a Florida flight school, but they are available in most states and cities.

flying an airplane with propellers

Flying a plane can set you free!

What to expect from a flight school:

  • Learn how aviation works. Pilots, aircraft, how they navigate, and how to communicate, and basics about the airports.
  • You’ll learn about all of the aircraft you can fly
  • Working on getting your pilot certificate? A school can help you on your way!

The best thing to do is locate one of the flight centers in your local area. Search for it in Google! Tell them your goals and priorities and you can find a school that fits your life and schedule!

How to Find and Buy Cheap Car Insurance Online

There are a lot of insurance companies out there today and they have one thing in common besides covering your car and passengers… they want your money! Here are some simple steps in finding the most affordable car insurance that fits your needs.

  • Compare – Look at what’s offered and compare companies from each other. You might even start your own checklist of what’s important to you. Here’s a site that will do the work for you, they compare quotes online from multiple companies.
  • Check – Check for discounts! Many offer age discounts because once you’re out of your 20s you’re a more experienced and safer driver. There are also student discounts (as show here), marriage discounts, and a list of others you might qualify for.
  • Choose the right car – Make the right decision in choosing a car. Car insurance rates often depend on how expensive your car is and what class it falls into (example: sports cars cost more to insure).
  • Multiple car discount – If you have more than one car you can check with your existing insurance company as well as some other competitors to see what type of discount they can offer you that accommodates all of your automobiles.
  • Fine print – Lastly, check the car insurance policies, discount, and offers that makes them outstanding without paying a fee. Often time you get what you pay for, but just because the service is good doesn’t mean it has to be over priced.

Also if you’re looking to replace some things in your car or add some sweet accessories (I love my GPS) you can find the most popular car gadgets right here!

Sexy but Affordable!

Even if you have a bad driving record there are companies that will still cover you. The price might be higher in the beginning but as you maintain a good driving record your car insurance should get cheaper over time.

And if you’re looking to repair or replace something car related before talking to the insurance company, you can search your make, model, and year right here to get a price quote on products.


How to Aerate Wine (Letting Wine Breathe)

Aeration is the best way to make your wine improve taste. An aerated wine has a bigger and different taste than a non aerated wine. Not all wines need to be aerated, for example – light wines and well aged because there’s no effect on the taste once they’ve been aerated.

Two glasses of red wine aerated

Drinking properly aerated red wine in the evning.

Here are 3 steps how to aerate wine:

  1. Aeration by the glass – Most people swirl their glass after pouring a wine. They let the air flow while swirling the wine. The simplest form of aeration on a glass.
  2. Aeration by the bottle – This step is best if you want to aerate the whole bottle wine. Simply remove the wine from the bottle and transfer it on a large glass jar or container and let it sit for at least half an hour depending on your taste and how long of aeration do you want.
  3. Aerator machine – purchase an aerator machine and transfer your wine to the machine, and from there you can directly pour your wine into a glass and it’s already aerated.

Now that you know some simple steps how to aerate your wine, it’s time for you to see the difference!

How to resize images in Windows 7 (image resizer powertoy)

When I made the switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 the thing I missed the most was being able to quickly resize images by right clicking on the image. Luckily there’s an add-on solution from a 3rd party website that fixes this problem. It’s a simple image resizer powertoy clone. Click here to visit the site, and here are some screen shots of the program in use.

Right click to resize images in Windows 7

Image Resizer for Windows 7. 32-bit and 64-bit available!

And here are some sample images that I used the Windows 7 right click resizing tool on.

Koh Samui Thailand Alligator Show

A crazy alligator (or crocodile) show in Thailand

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How to interview a Nanny

It is normal in a modern urban setting for mothers to be working, which gives them little time, if ever, to take care of their children regularly. In place of mothers, nannies are put into place and in choosing one, a mother would pick someone who she thinks she can trust and can offer help and support.

This creates a situation where the child becomes more attached to the nanny, because she is with the child more often than the parents are. Ideally then, a nanny should be someone who would take care of your child like her own. However, this is a trait that is rare these days, as nannies are often more interested in the money they would be earning. In a culture where little accountability and brief encounters are the norm, hiring a nanny entails knowing everything possible about her to ensure that your child will be safe in her keeping. Whether you opt to use a nanny agency or track down the ideal candidate on your own, you will have to face an interview at some time.

Nanny taking the child swimming

Nanny taking the child swimming

Previous Job Inquiries

One of the first questions you should ask a potential nanny is why she left her last job. If she is still employed by someone else but is applying for another job, why is she leaving her present employer? The answer to your inquiries about her previous or present employment will help in deciding if she is feasible and if you could meet her expectations.

Best and Worst Child Cared For

Ask the applicant nanny to describe the best and the worst child she had looked after in the past. A powerful question, this can disclose essential attitudes of your future nanny towards child behavior. If she endlessly talk about the worst child but only describes the best one momentarily, it can be revealing. Pay attention to her speech. Are there unkind expressions used in explaining the trouble with a particular child? Did the nanny ever accept any of her responsibilities? A good follow up question to ask would be, could another approach be more effective?

Own Children or Younger Sibling

It may be a plus factor if your potential nanny has her own children or younger brother or sister, and the topic can let you go into other areas easily. Did you take care of your younger siblings? What was your age when they were first left in your care? What age is too young for you?

Discipline Philosophy

Inquiring on the philosophy on discipline of your potential nanny will reveal the opinion that she might have concerning discipline. The topic will also provide a nice transition to your own discipline rules in the house. If you do not want your nanny hurting your child physically, such as spanking, this is the time to tell her.

Using a reputable nanny agency does of course make life easier. With candidates pre-vetted you might be happy to avoid some of the more difficult questions, or at least put them to the agency rather than directly to the Nanny themselves. However if you are hiring childcare by placing nanny job ads then the bonus is going to be on you to find out all that you can.