How to make Bulalo Steak (Filipino Beef Marrow Stew)

3 pcs. (ox knee cap)/ bulalo
2 tbsp. peppercorn
salt to taste
3 onions, quartered
3 potatoes, quartered
1 kilo of green beans, slice each bean in two
1 head cabbage, quartered
4 pcs. banana (saba variety)
2 pcs. corn on the cob, cut into several pieces
1 bundle bokchoy

Filipino Beef Marrow Stew

Filipino Beef Marrow Stew

Bulalo Procedure
Boil the ox knee cap/bulalo in water for several hours until the meat is tender and the broth fragrant.
Add pepper, salt and onion. Allow to simmer for a few minutes.
Add the potatoes and the green beans.
When the vegetables are crisp tender, add the cabbage.
Serve with fish sauce and bird’s eye chili dip. Serve hot.

Save PDFs already opened in Google Chrome

When a PDF file is open and viewable in a window or tab, press CTRL + S to save the PDF file. Or you can right-cilck somewhere on the page and then click save as.

I was doing some online research the other day and PDF files kept opening in a new window when I was using Google Chrome. The problem is I wanted to download the PDF files instead of viewing them within the browser. There are no menus in Google Chrome that look similar to Internet Explorer or Firefox, so I thought I’d treat it like a Word document or text file. I clicked CTRL + S and was prompted where to save the PDF file. I found that you can also right click on the window and choose ‘save as’ which works great if the PDF is open in a framed window. Now it all makes sense! I can view the PDF right away and simply save the ones I actually need.

How To Make Chocolate

People all over the world love chocolate. It has a distinctive, delicious rich and sweet flavor along with a silky and smooth texture. The chocolates quality is determined by the method used it making it. There are many ready-made chocolates that are available in supermarkets everywhere, and there are also many different types available from dark, rich chocolate to white milky chocolate. Its quality and price also ranges widely and varies depending on the manufacturer or brand.

Chocolate is essentially made with cocoa beans. Chocolate is utilized in many recipes from chocolate mousse, chocolate bars, chocolate chips, chocolate brownies, chocolate candy, hot chocolate, chocolate cookies, and more. It is also a common gift that is given on special occasions from birthdays, anniversaries, to Valentine’s Day. Some people find the allure of chocolate to be overwhelming. There are certain sensory properties and chemical that are found in cacao that helps to make chocolate very appealing.

Making chocolate from the actual cacao bean is not easy. The large chocolate companies have invested large amounts of money in the machinery, tools, and recipes that turn the cacao beans that have a naturally bitter taste into the scrumptious, delicious sweets. But, with many hours, and perhaps days, of dedication and effort to the details plus some special equipment you may just be able to create a mini chocolate factory in your own home. You can utilize the following methods and instructions to make your own chocolate.

Your first endeavor will be to locate the cacao beans. You can purchase raw cacao beans in a variety of places including the Internet. You can obtain the peeled nibs (raw chocolate) or you can get the whole cacao beans.

Roasting the Beans

Begin by roasting the cacao beans. The operation is much like roasted coffees, except by gentler means: 5 to 35 minutes at temperatures between 250 to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (F). You have to generally expose the beans for an initial temperature, then lowering the temperature progressively to prevent over cooking once the beans have begun to crack. You can utilize a roaster or your oven.

If you’re roasting inside the oven then you should use a cookie sheet to lay one layer of beans. You can start by roasting for approximately 20 minutes at 250 degrees (F) in a preheated oven. If you want to roast larger quantities of beans then it is best to purchase a drum that rotates on a grill or propane gas.

Crack the Cacao Beans

After roasting, the cacao beans have to be winnowed and cracked into nibs. This is how the chaff or husk is removed. You can perform this step manually with a hammer if it is a small batch. Just hammer the bean to crack it open and remove the husks. For large quantities it is best to utilize a specialized mill that converts the beans to nibs. You must now winnow these nibs by stirring them with a spoon or be hand while blowing with a fan or hair dryer to blow away the husks.

Grinding the Nibs

For grinding the nibs to a liqueur of cacao you need equipment that can separate the remaining husks and liquefy the nibs. Some food processors, meat mills, juicers, and coffee mills are strong enough for this job. You will have to experiment at this point to find the right device.

Refining the Chocolate

This step refines and conchs the chocolate. Conching the chocolate affects the texture, smell, and characteristic taste of the chocolate. Refining helps to reduce the sugar deposits and cacao solids. These two processes can by performed simultaneously with the use of a potent wet grinder. The way you refine and conch the chocolate will rely on what equipment you utilize.

Here is where you mix milk powder, a vanilla pod, lecithin, and sugar. You pour this chocolate mixture in the grinder, and you keep chocolate melted throughout the very first hour. Continue this refining process for not less than 10 hours and a maximum of 36 hours, until the chocolate tastes balanced and smooth, however, do not over-refine it or it may get a gummy texture.

To take a rest from the refining process you should switch off the grinder and place the covered bowl into an oven that’s pre-heated to 150 degrees F, but switched off. It can be left there overnight. The mixture should not solidify, but if it does then take the cover off and turn the oven to about 150 to 175 degrees F and place in the oven until the chocolate melts.

Tempering the Chocolate

This is likely to probably be the most difficult portion of this process. However, the truly amazing factor about tempering is that it can be done on numerous times and it won’t ruin the chocolate. The most crucial factor is that you don’t let any moisture get in the chocolate, or it will likely ruin it.

Here you melt the chocolate very carefully. Just make certain that the chocolate doesn’t burn by constantly stirring it. Once the chocolate has melted and is close to 120 degrees F then it can be transferred to a dry bowl. This transfer should occur before the chocolate reaches 100 degrees F. You can use a thermometer to monitor the temperature.

Molding the Chocolate

You can mold the chocolate when it is about 90 degrees F. You can pour the chocolate into molds. Some people prefer to use a big syringe to put the chocolate into a mold. The key is to be careful and avoid spilling. Once in the mold you can allow it to harden with the room temperature, refrigerate, or freeze it.

Remove Chocolate from Molds

Once the chocolate has hardened it may be removed from the molds. The chocolate should snap cleanly in two and it should also have a glossy appearance. If it doesn’t then you may want to temper the chocolate again just make sure it remains moisture free and that you don’t overcook it.

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Wedding Photographer FAQ – How to Prepare for Your Outdoor Ceremony

Depending on what season you are having your wedding in, there is a good chance discussion of an outdoor wedding ceremony has taken place. If you live somewhere which is captivated by feet of snow in the winter, then you may be thinking indoor. Either way, this is a big decision which can effect many other parts of your wedding.

There are the obvious cons of having an outdoor ceremony, such as rain or extreme heat. If an outdoor ceremony is something that you have already decided on, then a rain-plan should be in order in case a sudden storm takes place. If the chosen site has an indoor area as well, that is an easy way to solve your problem without having to worry about guests shuffling from here to there when some last minute rain hits.

Wedding Ceremony Exchanging Rings

A ring exchange during the wedding

A little rain won’t completely ruin an outdoor ceremony, so having umbrellas on hand can combat the weather while creating a great photo opportunity. A fun idea is having different colored umbrellas which can coordinate with your theme. This will not only look great in photos, but can distract some of your guests from the rain.

An important wedding photographer faq is discussing what the photographer has planned in case of rain. Discussing the possible change of venues with not only your wedding photographer, but your florist as well is a smart idea in order to guarantee you are prepared.

Rain isn’t the only weather aspect which could put an unexpected damper on your day. If you plan on having a summer wedding in a location which tends to get hot, prepare yourself for the chance of extreme heat. In places such as Minnesota, you never know exactly how hot or humid might get. By booking an outdoor ceremony during the hot summer months, you are risking the chance of 90 plus temperatures. If you are one who doesn’t sweat in the heat, then you don’t have too much to worry about. It is however important to think about the elderly and Young children that may be present at your wedding. This is just another great reason why you must have a back up plan for your outdoor ceremony. Making water available to your guests during the ceremony is wise because it could take longer tan you may have expected. This shouldn’t have too much of an extra expense to your budget, and you can easily personalize water bottles if it is something you are interested in.

Perfect beach wedding kiss under the sunset

A successful outdoor wedding can be romantic and you'll have pictures that offer a lifetime of memories!

If you do choose that an outdoor ceremony is for you, there are some great ways to create an enchanting look in the site of your choice. Benches made from trees, signs hung from the scenery, as well as mountain backdrops are all doable if you decide to take the plunge. Depending on your area, there are likely many great sites which you can choose from for your outdoor ceremony.

Although the planning and concerns that may come along with having an outdoor ceremony can add up, if you end up with a great day outside you will not regret this choice. Many of the best weddings I’ve attended have been those that have taken their vows outside, surrounded not only by their friends and family, but the beautiful scenery

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How to survive a zombie attack

Do zombies don’t exist in real life? Probably not… but who knows! Especially after reading about the Zombie College: The Zombie Renaissance. So what if zombies are a part of life? I think my tips would help a lot and could save your life! (Don’t worry, you can think me later). As an avid fan of horror films, here are some tips that I’ve collected from watching zombie movies.

Zombies - they eat people! Watch out!

  1. Enjoy watching as many zombie movies as you want. There are lots of tips to learn from all of them. You’ll never know when zombies will rise from the dead so educate yourself.
  2. When the time comes and zombies are attacking your place at full force, get as much as ammunition as you can. If you don’t have any then it’s time to go shopping at an ammo store… but if everybody is dead then you might have to borrow some items (aka RAID the place!) or get something that you can use to cut them in the head. I prefer a sharp ax.
  3. When using a gun, you should always target the head. If they’re brains dead, they’re dead too. Headshots are the key!
  4. Always perform double tap. Shot them twice, not just once! This will make sure the zombie is really dead. I’ve seen it too many times where a zombie is shot once, plays dead, comes back and eats the guy that shot him. Double tap, double tap!
  5. Some movies show zombies on the prowl during the day, but the majority of them show zombies attacking at night after the sun goes down. Use this to your advantage! Avoid going out after dark, avoid the shadows, and keep quiet during the night.
  6. If you run out of ammo, or if you don’t have anything on hand that can kill them and they’re already near you, run as fast as you can!
  7. Look for a safe place to stay where zombies can’t see or smell you. Once they know where you live they’ll be stalking you, so it’s good to be on the move.
  8. Look for a companion that can help you in your survival, make sure it’s not a zombie or a person already bitten. Having a friend is one of the best things you can do to keep your head straight and survive a zombie attack. It’s always good to have somebody watch your back!
  9. Avoid being bitten by zombie at all costs! This is deadly and will make you one of them. If you do get bit then don’t tell anyone or they might shoot you in the head too. If they see a flesh wound say you ran into something or got bit by a dog. It’s best to keep quiet about your incident, treat your wounds to prolong your life, and then eat your friends after you turn into a zombie.
Zombie Defense Tactics

Hit them in the head!

Good luck, travel safe, and carry a big stick!

(photo credits: laughing squid, dunechaser)

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How to Get Your Company Noticed on the Web

In a day and age where a lot of people depend on technology to provide them with their news and entertainment, businesses also need to start using technology to their advantage. Using resources such as the Internet allows your business to reach thousands of potential customers every day. Internet marketing is a great form of advertisement because it is affordable and effective. However, there are millions of other companies that will be competing against your own for the attention of clients. So how do you get your business noticed? Here are a couple of tricks.

Discount store front ready for selling online

One great way to get potential clients to see your company’s list of products and services is to use a technique that allows you to zone in on people who are more likely to be interested. You can do this by using technology that tracks the websites that people use. The software compiles a list of the most frequented websites by an individual and then learns about their interests based off of the sites that they log onto the most. Say you own a boat company. You want to target people who visit boating websites the most. This way, you know that they will be interested in your products right off the bat.

Another trick to get people’s attention on the web is to offer some cheap promotional gifts. Everybody loves getting free stuff, so you can definitely draw in customers if you offer a free promotional giveaway. This can include affordable gifts such as cool cell phone cases, lap top holders, or t-shirts. Your company can save money while buying these affordable items and will surely attract a large number of people who would be interested in your business’s services.

WWW World Wide Web

The world wide web is a network that practically everybody in the world is on. If you want to get instant attention at an affordable rate, you need to consider using Internet marketing techniques to promote your business. You can hone in on potential clients by using special software or even offer trade show giveaways to attract their attention. Once you have captured the attention of people and start getting more and more hits to your website, you can expect your business to start gaining revenue and thriving. You will love using today’s hottest technology to promote your business and watching it blossom into a successful company.

Allow Google Chrome extensions to run in Incognito mode

Google Chrome is pretty cool. The only annoying complaint I have is how RoboForm floats their bar at the bottom of the screen which blocks some info at times when my browser is maximized. I wish they would take a lesson from LastPass and show it at the top in a thin type of bar. Anyway… when I’m in “Incognito” mode (aka super secret stealth mode!) I want a few extensions to run. Here’s how you can get it done.

  1. Go to the Address Bar and type this:
    or… click the wrench icon in the upper right corner > click Tools > click Extensions
  2. Check the box that says “Allow in incognito”
  3. You’re all set!
Allow extensions to run in privacy mode